How Passion Fuels Your Dental Team


Gary Zelesky is a professional speaker on the subject of passion. He works to help dentists and other professionals use passion to make their businesses more successful. In this clip, Zelesky talks about how you can motivate your dental practice team with passion to improve the patient experience.

“People that are passionate, one of the things they do is that they tend to look people in the eyes when they’re speaking to them. When people are pragmatic, they tend to look away, and they always find the negative, no matter what. But a person who is passionate, especially in an office setting, they always look people in the eye. They always give them full, undivided attention.

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I tell people this, that when you first come into that practice, you drive into the parking lot and you shut that car door, you’re bringing something into that office with you. You’re either pragmatic or you’re passionate. And I tell them, that first 10 minutes, when you walk through the door, try the exercise of making sure that everything that comes out of your mouth is affirming. Don’t walk in going, ‘Gee, I wonder what hasn’t happened yet, what people haven’t done yet. I didn’t figure they would get that done.’ Instead of that attitude, come in and think in these terms: ‘You know, I’m just going to say thank you to every single person I meet. That changes things. That’s a game-changer.

When you begin to treat your team like that, it automatically transfers into the life of the clients. But people that are negative, who have no passion, I have been in practices where I’ve seen team members talk to a client in a negative way about the doctor. Or I’ve seen doctors talk negatively to another team member about a team member. That’s all pragmatic. People that are passionate, that type of thing would never happen.”

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