How to get the time you need for prophy appointments

Quick tips on how to get the time you need to deliver the care your patients deserve.

So many hygienists have this dilemma! Prophy time varies from office to office but how much time is actually appropriate? We can’t ask for 90 minute prophy times for every patient, we know that’s a little ridiculous. 

First question to ask yourself, “What am I currently unable to do in the amount of time that is offered to me?” Asking this question to yourself first can provide some insight into what you are really looking for in the amount of time that you need. It may not be a general blanket statement that you need more time for the prophy, but really time to provide a higher standard of care. 

The best way to increase production is to increase the standard of care. Many doctors disagree to add additional time to a prophy because for them there is no value in giving you 10 more minutes to scale calculus. Rather than going to your doctor and asking for “more prophy time,” ask for additional time to provide sealants, fluoride treatments, discussing additional treatment options (including the treatment that they will potentially provide), or enrolling patients into periodontal therapy. These care tactics increase production for the office, as well as provide you with the little bit of time that you might need.