How the economy has affected the business of dentistry ... and what dentists can do to prepare for 2014 [VIDEO]

November 13, 2013
Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental publications field. He can be reached by email at Also, you can follow him on Twitter (@kgh23).

There's no question that the recent economic turbulence made an impact on dental practices across the United States, some more than others. Using data he has gathered from nearly 10,000 practices throughout the country, Vijay Sikka of Sikka Software recently put together a Webinar detailing what he has seen from those numbers. Kevin Henry, group editorial director for Advanstar, spoke to Sikka about his findings, as well as Sikka's recommendations on what four things dentists and dental team members need to be doing to prepare for success in their business in 2014.

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