How DentiMax Dream Sensors made a big impact in one practice


One practitioner shares his experience with DentiMax Dream Sensors.

Kent W. Stapley DMD has been in general practice for over 20 years in Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Stapley currently owns and practices out of one dental office but at one time he owned four practices. His practices have used various software programs, including Softdent, Dentrix, Easy Dental and DentiMax. Here, he shares his experience with DentiMax Dream Sensors.

It’s been nearly five years now since you began using your DentiMax Dream Sensors. How has it been?

I would not be exaggerating to say that when I hesitantly replaced my tiny little #1 and #2 films and chemical processor with digital sensors, my entire life as a dentist improved immensely! I love them and I can’t say enough good about them. Like most people, I love getting a great deal. Not only were the Dream Sensors inexpensive when compared to the big brands, but I quickly found the images they provided were much clearer and more diagnostic than those of my colleagues who, in my opinion, had paid way too much for inferior quality 

What has been your experience in dealing with DentiMax as a company?

I’ve actually used the DentiMax practice management software for a few years longer than their imaging program. Their staff has been attentive and genuinely interested in finding a solution for any need I have had along the way. They provide me with the basic reports I need as well as the more customized reports I want. I have found that the open nature of their software allows them to conform to or bridge with whatever product I may have interest in using concurrently with their system. It has been nice to have my DentiMax Imaging program so well integrated with the DentiMax practice management software. It has made it simple to link patients with their images in the back office with a single click and my front office appreciates the simplicity of being able to easily attach images to whatever they need to do.

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Tell us about the training you have received from DentiMax staff. 

It has been top notch and very personable. However, I must admit, I amazingly haven’t required the services of their trainers very frequently because the software has been so intuitive and easy to learn for my new staff members. I have truly appreciated the small company feel and service they provide.

How has your DentiMax software helped with your overall workflow?

I have noticed an increased acceptance of treatment from my patients. The clarity and overall size of the images from my DentiMax Imaging software continues to be impressive, and motivating to my patients. They have been more likely to schedule treatment after they have seen the problem literally in black and white! I love how the DentiMax Imaging software allows me to easily adjust the contrast on each image I view. This allows me to accentuate the carious lesions and other pathology I find so that my patients can see them well and be motivated to correct the problem before it becomes a bigger one.

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What were your concerns before committing to the purchase of your Dream Sensors?

I had three main concerns; the first was integration. I was concerned that my staff would hate them due to the changes they would need to make in their routines. This turned out to be a non-issue because they actually enjoyed learning to use them and were happy to relinquish their duties of keeping our temperamental X-ray processor clean, maintained and functional. 

My second concern was diagnostics. DentiMax showed me some fantastically clear and detailed images which they had taken with their sensors elsewhere, and I was deeply concerned that my X-ray heads and my staff wouldn’t be able to produce a similar image to theirs. I must admit, on our first day of using them I wasn’t very impressed with the images I was getting. However, after allowing their staff to apply some “filters” to the software, they dialed them in to the point where I felt my X-Rays were even better than any I had seen from any other digital imaging system.

My third and final concern was durability. I was afraid that these low-priced sensors wouldn’t last very long and that the image quality would degrade. I had to be assured that these sensors were almost bulletproof. After nearly five years of heavy use, I can happily say that they were right! My sensors work just as well today as they did then. They show no signs of wear or breakdown in any way.

Would you recommend DentiMax to other practitioners?

Absolutely. You can’t beat the value they provide anywhere! It is an excellent company with great products and great people.

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