How dental assistants can turn "suction into production"

For Angela Guanzini, RDA, CDD, it’s all about dental assistants turning “suction into production” in the dental practice.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Guanzini, the founder of, and talk about different ways that dental assistants could empower themselves and truly grasp the idea that dental assisting is a career, not just a stepping stone.

In the video below, Guanzini reflects on her time in the dental practice, remembers what happened when she first approached the dentist for a raise, and explains why dental assistants should begin to look at themselves as a key part of the business of the dental practice.

Guanzini and I both share a passion for dental assistants growing in their careers and taking hold of the opportunity to become the best they can be, which benefits not only them but the dental practice as well. I always enjoy the opportunity to chat with her and we hope you will learn from our video exchange below…