How complete health dentistry can help practices thrive after COVID-19

How complete health dentistry can help practices thrive after COVID-19. Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, and Kristine Berry RDH, MSEC, introduce complete health dentistry on-line training.

Growing research links oral health with chronic health conditions. Additionally, virtual oral health impacts overall health.

For the past 10 years, Debbie Seidel-Bitttke and Kristine Berry have supported hundreds of dental offices around the world in implementing and sustaining a complete health dentistry model.

Industry authorities and several thousand dentists who practice whole person-oral-systemic wellness approaches agree to its impact, including L.D. Pankey, Bob Barkley, Nate Kohn, Bill Brown, Bob Frazer, Mike Shuster, Rich Green, Avrom King, Wilson Southam, Pete Dawson, Bill Lockard, Bud Ham, Lynn D Carlisle and several others who are considered among the pioneers of complete health dentistry. 

Seidel-Bittke and Berry have launched an online training program entitled, How Complete Health Dentistry Will Help You Thrive After COVID-19. The training includes three 90-minute Zoom trainings, free 1:1 coaching, recordings of the sessions and resources for profitable hygiene, tele dentistry and complete health dental systems.

Learn how holistic dentistry, health-centered dentistry, wellness-centered dentistry, patient-centered dentistry, comprehensive oral health care, and or complete health dentistry can elevate your practice from surviving to thriving in these uncertain times. The next training begins Tuesday, May 19, with additional courses slated for June. For more information please visit