How to achieve superior image quality with the Veraview X800

Why one dentist prefers using this CBCT machine from J. Morita.

Dr. Hector Sarmiento, a periodontist in New York City, transitioned from an older CBCT machine to the Veraview X800 in May 2018. He decided to make the switch after using J. Morita’s larger CBCT machine, the 3D Accuitomo 170, while teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and seeing first-hand the precision and clarity of its images. That’s when Sarmiento contacted J. Morita in search of a better CBCT option for his own private practice, and he was met with the smaller, more affordable but comparable Veraview X800.

What Dr. Sarmiento thinks of the Veraview X800

I previously had a different CBCT machine here in the office, which was about nine years older, and every time I would get referred a patient for a fractured tooth I couldn’t see the images right because there was so much scatter.

The quality of the Veraview X800 images is just so much higher than what we were working with before. Everything we do in our practice has to have great quality; we have the best quality implants, bone grafts and membranes and we needed the best imaging too. Within the CBCT world, the technology is changing fast and you have to keep up and I really think this machine is the best there is on the market.

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Overall, I think each feature the Veraview X800 offers is great, but the field of view is really superior to any other machine. You have the ability to switch field of view, and on the smaller field of view you have an endodontal component, so if you do have a fracture it gives you better resolution so that you have a very clear view of the actual tooth, the surrounding structures and any fractures.

The pan-view is a new feature that I really like as well. Instead of getting an image that’s a bunch of CBCT images stitched together, we get a real panoramic view of the whole field.

I also love the airway and sinus images within this machine. We get a lot of referrals for sleep apnea, and this machine allows you to look at airways, which really makes it a multifaceted machine that covers a broad spectrum of needs.

We’re in a digital era where everything has to be clear and you have to have the right diagnostic tools to get that clarity. The Veraview X800 offers the best clarity on the market, hands down. In my experience from working with other machines in multiple hospitals and universities, this kind of quality is what we need in order to incorporate the digital world into our offices. This technology allows us to be totally sure in our diagnoses so that we can ensure the best outcomes for our patients.