Ho Dental Company Launches Disposable AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup

The new AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup is designed to easily attach to the HVE hose.

The new AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup from Ho Dental Company is a disposable device designed to help clinicians eliminate the aerosols generated during dental procedures.

The AiroPur cup is designed to connect to the high volume evacuation (HVE) hose on the operatory's delivery system, and offers an economical aerosol mitigation strategy when compared with stand-alone suction equipment.

The product is designed to be held in position by the patient during treatment. While the cups are disposable and designed to cost less than $1 each, they can be autoclaved for multiple uses, stretching their affordability even further. They are available directly from Ho Dental Company in packs of 40 cups.