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High quality, low cost dental imaging solutions


Christopher C. Linscott, DDS, has some straight-forward advice for any dentists considering starting a new office: Live within your means.

Christopher C. Linscott, DDS, has some straight-forward advice for any dentists considering starting a new office: Live within your means.

Dr. Linscott followed his own advice last year when his film processor failed at his practice in Marietta, Ohio.

Looking to update his technology, Dr. Linscott turned to DentiMax for a solution. “Cost is a huge factor for me,” he said. “I don’t like debt, and I also like to sleep at night. With companies like DentiMax, that is possible.”

Dr. Linscott equipped his office with the complete digital sensor and practice management system from DentiMax.

“I decided it was time to move into the modern era. I looked at most of the available programs and sensors. After having some customer service issues with the ‘big’ supply companies, I decided to steer clear of any offerings that would be connected with those brands. DentiMax was both affordable and effective. DentiMax also supports me with my tech issues, etc. without a hassle,” Dr. Linscott said.

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The company
Based in Mesa, Ariz., DentiMax has positioned itself over the past decade as a market leader with its comprehensive tools designed to handle financial, clinical and digital X-ray needs.

Its fully integrated practice management software allows users to send X-rays and other attachments electronically, to record digital signatures, to create clinical notes automatically, to have quick digital X-ray access and to “ditch the bridge” between imaging and charting.

Dr. Linscott isn’t alone in his praise of DentiMax. Brian D. Benning, DDS, also found DentiMax the right solution for his practice in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“The computer support company we use highly recommended them. They work with many different dental practice software companies, and they said most of their clients really like DentiMax,” Dr. Benning said.

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Many features, benefits
Both Drs. Benning and Linscott have found many things to like about DentiMax, starting with the customer service they received when they began integrating the new system into their practices. DentiMax offers a complete five-step training system that goes beyond software installation and setup.

Among the other steps offered during implementation are two days of in-office training, “go-live-day” support and five weeks of software success assurance. Alicia McKinney, DentiMax director of training, provided the in-person tutorials at both doctors’ offices.

“The training with Alicia was excellent,” Dr. Benning said. “She went above and beyond with the training. My staff seemed really comfortable with her, and she was very helpful with follow-up questions.”

Dr. Benning is also pleased with the DentiMax digital sensors, which represent the latest in digital radiography and earn their nickname of “Dream Sensors” by excelling in every area, including image quality, patient comfort and hardware/software compatibility.  

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Like Dr. Linscott, Dr. Benning converted from film to digital sensors for his practice.

“This was our first experience with digital. We have been really impressed with how easy the transition is and how much our patients notice and appreciate the newer technology. They love to see the image, and they are amazed by how fast it is displayed,” he said.

The crystal-clear images are displayed with the latest CMOS active pixel chip, including a highly sensitive scintillator with a fiber optic plate that includes a built-in circuit board. This state-of-the-art technology is encased in a waterproof housing connected directly to a Kevlar-reinforced cable, providing the toughest sensor cord/cable in the industry.

With a width of only 5.41 mm, the thin CMOS sensors have rounded and beveled corners, making them the most comfortable for patients.

“The sensors provide excellent image quality,” Dr. Linscott said. “Also, having a huge monitor to demonstrate clearly to the patient is great.”

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The practice management software also received high marks from both clinicians. The DentiMax system mirrors a practice’s actual workflow from checking in a new patient, to viewing X-rays while treatment planning and scheduling additional patient visits.

The software is packed with easy-to-use features, such as electronic prescription writing, tight X-ray/charting integration and real-time patient insurance status updates. The integration between the management system and digital sensors is a bonus for dentist and patient.

“With DentiMax software and imaging sensors, it’s really easy to go back and forth from the patient chart to the digital X-rays, which makes it nice to pull up quickly for me and the patient,” Dr. Benning said.

After experiencing the successful integration of DentiMax into their practices, both have advice for recently graduated dentists who are seeking the right digital sensor/practice management system.

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“Don’t get duped by the ‘big’ supply brands. Their technology is not superior to what DentiMax can offer,” Dr. Linscott said.

Dr. Benning added, “Don’t get involved with all the hype from dental reps. They all have their own agenda and the bottom line is to sell you their product. Go with who you feel comfortable with and do the research yourself.”


The DentiMax Complete Practice Management and Digital Sensor System is designed to provide the integrated benefits that only a complete system can offer, making the clinical and financial areas of your office work in a cohesive way that takes care of both your patients and your bottom line. The tight digital X-ray/charting integration allows dental professionals to easily view X-rays and treatment plans from the same screen. DentiMax now offers fully integrated 2014 ONC-certified electronic heath records, which help qualifying dentists get their full $63,750 in government incentive payments. Finally, DentiMax has been designed so it “flows” just like your office. From checking in a new patient to viewing X-rays while treatment planning to scheduling additional patient visits, DentiMax reportedly mirrors your practice’s actual workflow. You can even e-prescribe and get real time insurance updates.  

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