Heraeus Kulzer unveils new high density stone

Heraeus Kulzer has announced the availability of Modern Flow, a high-density stone that exhibits no bubbling.

Heraeus Kulzer has introduced Modern Flow™, a high-density, low-expanding stone that is said to be ideal for basing multiple models at a time without the need for vibration. Modern Flow joins the company’s Modern Materials® line of stones, plasters and waxes.

“Modern Flow is today’s perfect solution for pouring bases for your stone models,” says Matthew Kayser, Heraeus Kulzer Product Manager. “Increasingly, busy dental labs will love its ability to enhance their productivity while delivering exceptional quality.” 

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Modern Flow reportedly pours bubble-free without the use of vibration, allowing technicians to pour multiple bases in the time it would typically take to pour just one. As a result, the technicians are freed up to focus more time on other critical work. 

This high-density, low expanding stone is designed to be used with base formers to create an underflow for dental arches and pins. Its soothing peach color is available in 25 and 50 pound boxes.