Henry Schein One Expands Dentrix Voice Capabilities

Henry Schein One has announced enhancements to Dentrix® Voice, powered by Bola AI, which will now allow dental team members to dictate clinical notes and other essential correspondence and documentation, in addition to periodontal exams. Formerly known as Dentrix Voice Perio, Dentrix Voice lets dental teams use advanced speech-to-text technology to help save valuable time by simplifying data entry.

With Dentrix Voice, every member of the dental team can help streamline the practice workflow by using speech to enter perio exam numbers, clinical notes, billing notes, and other documentation. This can help improve practice efficiency, save time, and eliminate the frustration of typing notes manually.

As dental practices continue to implement safety regulations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens, using Dentrix Voice’s hands-free technology can also help reduce the risk of infection for dental team members and patients, according to a press release from Henry Schein One.

Using artificial intelligence, Dentrix Voice adapts to the speaker and environment regardless of who’s speaking, their particular phrasing, or which microphone is used — all at conversational volume to preserve patient privacy. The Dentrix Voice commands are intuitive, and the user-centric design features preferred workflows for maximum efficiency. Online self-training videos and remote mentoring are available to assist dental staff members.