Henry Schein Announces Launch of Practice Pink Program for Cancer Research


Practice Pink, Henry Schein’s cancer research support initiative, will allow dental practitioners to purchase pink practice supplies, apparel, and more in support of finding a cure.

Henry Schein Announces Launch of Practice Pink Program for Cancer Research. Image credit: © Henry Schein, Inc

Henry Schein Announces Launch of Practice Pink Program for Cancer Research. Image credit: © Henry Schein, Inc

Henry Schein, a provider of health care products and services, has announced the launch of the Practice Pink Program for the 17th consecutive year. This philanthropic initiative is designed to raise funds for cancer research and prevention organizations, with proceeds going toward American Cancer Society, Cohen Children’s Medical Center of Northwell Health, and Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, as highlighted in a recent press release from the company.

The Practice Pink Program, the work of Henry Schein Cares, is set to offer customers a range of curated pink products including practice supplies and apparel. The proceeds generated from the sales of these items will be directed towards advancing research aimed at finding a cure for breast cancer and other cancers. Maureen Knott, Vice President U.S. Supplier Initiatives at Henry Schein and President of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, expressed the company's commitment to the cause in the press release.

"Through Henry Schein, we strongly believe in the potential of public-private partnerships to contribute to a healthier world, and the Henry Schein Cares Practice Pink program exemplifies this belief," Knott stated in the press release. "Through the combined dedication and generosity of our supplier partners and customers, we will persist in our commitment to advancing cancer research and prevention, all while striving together for a world where cancer is no longer a threat."

The Practice Pink Program, established over 17 years ago, has become a beacon of hope and support for those affected by cancer. By focusing on breast cancer, the initiative has not only raised awareness but has also made substantial contributions to the cause, per the press release. The funds generated through Practice Pink over the years have surpassed an impressive $1.9 million, underscoring the program's enduring impact and unwavering commitment to the fight against cancer.

Collaboration is key in this global fight against cancer. Research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health care professionals, and advocacy groups can come together in a unified effort to pool resources, share knowledge, and accelerate progress. The interdisciplinary nature of cancer research ensures that diverse perspectives and expertise converge to confront this complex challenge comprehensively.

As part of the larger Henry Schein Cares Foundation, Practice Pink is a testament to the company's dedication to corporate social responsibility and its belief in the power of community-driven initiatives. By engaging supplier partners and customers alike, Henry Schein aims to make a significant impact on cancer research and prevention, working toward a future where the threat of cancer is diminished.

Individuals interested in contributing to this cause or learning more about the Practice Pink Program can visit the program’s dedicated website. Through collective efforts and ongoing support, Henry Schein and its partners are forging a path toward a world where cancer no longer looms large, emphasizing the transformative power of collaboration and compassion in the face of life-altering diseases.

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