Henry Schein Announces Aerosol Reducing Maxima Pro 2AR Highspeed Handpiece

Designed with safety in mind, this new handpiece features aerosol-reducing technology to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Designed to help reduce aerosol generation during dental procedures to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the Maxima Pro 2AR handpiece from Henry Schein is an extension of the Maxima Pro 2 handpiece line.

Described as a cost-effective option, the new highspeed handpiece is said to reduce the emission of airborne particulates by an average of more than 90% when compared to a standard highspeed handpiece. The new handpiece also features an active sealing system to help eliminate suck-back of fluid and particles.

Along with its added safety features, the Maxima Pro 2AR also offers an ergonomic design, stainless-steel construction, and a high-strength alloy head. It can produce up to 20 watts of power, is available in both optic and non-optic models, and is compatible with most common handpiece connection types.