Henry Schein Addresses October 14 Cybersecurity Incident


Henry Schein was hit with a cybersecurity incident October 14, and is currently in the works to address this situation.

Henry Schein Addresses Cybersecurity Incident. Image credit: © Henry Schein, Inc

Henry Schein Addresses Cybersecurity Incident. Image credit: © Henry Schein, Inc

Dental product provider Henry Schein reported a cybersecurity incident affecting a segment of its manufacturing and distribution businesses, according to a press release from Henry Schein. The incident, identified on Saturday, October 14, prompted immediate precautionary measures from the company.

Henry Schein took proactive steps, including the temporary shutdown of certain systems, to contain the incident and minimize potential impacts on its business operations. The company is actively working towards resolving the situation in the shortest time frame possible, per the press release.

Henry Schein has assured clients that the practice management software they rely on remains unaffected by the cybersecurity incident. The integrity of services crucial to dental practices has been maintained throughout the incident.

To investigate any potential data impact and mount an effective response, Henry Schein has enlisted the expertise of external cybersecurity and forensic information technology professionals. Simultaneously, the company has duly notified relevant law enforcement authorities, emphasizing its commitment to a thorough and transparent investigation.

In expressing gratitude, Henry Schein acknowledges the patience and understanding of its customers and suppliers during this challenging time. The company is focused on addressing the issue diligently, prioritizing the restoration of normalcy for its stakeholders.

This incident underscores the growing importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the digital age, especially for companies that play a pivotal role in health care ecosystems. Henry Schein remains dedicated to safeguarding the interests of its clients and maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity resilience.

A message on Henry Schein’s website, which is still out of service as of the time of the posting, urges visitors to call the customer service line at 1-800-472-4346. Here they can speak to a live representative who can direct them with assistance as needed.

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