Harnessing the power of dental lasers

Rounding up some of the top products on the market.

Dental lasers are no longer a thing of science fiction. These powerful tools can perform highly demanded procedures from soft-tissue surgeries like frenectomies and gingivectomies to hard-tissue procedures such as caries removal.

Lasers also aid in treatment acceptance. Rather than deal with the shrill sound of a drill or the stick of a needle, many lasers on the market are said to offer patients anesthesia-free, no-cut procedures.

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Not sure if laser technology is the right fit for your practice? Check out some of the top options we’ve compiled on the next few pages.

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• Due to an innovative wavelength of 445 nm with high absorbance in haemoglobin, Aquamarine is designed to cut soft tissues with less power, which is said to lead to lesser carbonization and thermal damage to tissues.
• The laser has four built-in treatment presets and 12 definable programs for each of the two possible users.
• Sterile EndoTips and UniTips and autoclavable ActivTips reportedly provide solutions for a faster and safer workflow.

FONA Dental
+421 2 322 32 455  |  fonadental.com


• The wavelength of this Er:YAG laser is said to be excellent for dental treatment because it’s readily absorbed by water and efficiently vaporizes human tissue that his high water content, reportedly affecting only the surface of that tissue.
• The laser is designed to produce very little heat, which keeps discomfort to a minimum.
• An array of tip options enables the laser to perform both hard and soft tissue procedures.

J. Morita
888-JMORITA  |  jmoritausa.com


Fotona Lightwalker®

• The Fotona Lightwalker is said to be a cutting-edge, next-generation, modern laser system that combines the two most researched and beneficial laser wavelengths in dentistry - Nd:YAG and Er:YAG.
• Dentists can reportedly use the laser to perform highly demanded and lucrative procedures such as Nightlase snoring treatment and Smoothlase intraoral facial rejuvenation treatments.
• Endo and perio patients are said to experience less pain and faster healing.

888-550-4113   |  fotona.com

LightScalpel CO2 Laser

• The LightScalpel CO2 Laser is said to be the ideal tool to perform soft-tissue surgeries, including frenectomy, gingivectomy, operculectomy, fibroma removal, aphthous ulcer treatment and more.
• The laser reportedly offers the most advanced and ergonomic delivery system for dental CO2 lasers -  a hollow waveguide (flexible fiber).
• The LightScalpel is held only 1-3 mm away from the tissue, which is said to allow for greater accuracy.

866-589-2722  |  lightscalpel.com


NV PRO3 Microlaser

• This latest evolution in soft-tissue lasers reportedly enables clinicians to deliver the benefits of laser dentistry to each patient while increasing practice production across all departments.
• The pocket-size laser is designed to be completely portable yet just as powerful as conventional soft-tissue lasers.
• The plug-and-play system is engineered with 12 preset procedural settings optimized for periodontal, restorative, and specialized treatment needs.

800-433-6628  |  lasers.denmat.com

Pioneer Elite

• The compact design, long-lasting lithium battery and wireless foot pedal are said to make the Pioneer Elite conveniently portable between operatories and a valuable tool for both hygienists and dentists.
• The 810 nm wavelength is reportedly ideally suited for numerous soft tissue procedures as well as hygienic, surgical and therapeutic treatments.
• The sleek pen-style standard handpiece is designed to be comfortable and convenient, even for posterior applications.

Pioneer Lasers
877-236-4402  |  pioneerlasers.com



• Designed for both the dentist and hygienist in mind, Picasso dental lasers reportedly provide the ultimate tool for treating soft tissue procedures.
• From laser gingivectomies to safe implant recovery to laser periodontal treatment, Picasso soft tissue lasers are said to provide the most effective and affordable solution for every dental office.
• The laser is engineered to be simple to use.

AMD Lasers
866-999-2635  |  amdlasers.com

PerioLase® MVP-7™

• The LANAP® protocol using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ reportedly has the first and only scientifically proven FDA clearance for full-mouth True Periodontal Regeneration™ - new cementum, new PDL and new alveolar bone without foreign biologics.
• The laser is designed specifically to perform the LANAP and LAPIP™ treatment protocols.
• PerioLase MVP-7 is said to increase treatment acceptance with the no-cut, no-sew perio procedures patients want.

Millennium Dental Technologies
888-638-5262  |  lanap.com


Spectralase 980

• Spectralase 980 is reportedly the only diode laser developed to treat peri-implantitis.
• Spectrum Lasers utilize a 980 nm wavelength that’s said to be 30 times more attracted to water than an 810 nm wavelength.
• The advanced pulse mode is designed to allow for more comfortable cutting, which is said to be especially important in order to keep the temperature of an implant and the surrounding bone under the critical threshold when treating peri-implantitis.

Spectrum Lasers
925-788-3954  |  spectralasedental.com


• Solea® is said to be a breakthrough technology that delivers a completely different experience than any laser before.
• Solea is reportedly the first all-tissue laser that can cut hard tissue, including all classes of cavity preps, quickly, smoothly and reliably anesthesia-free.
• Clinicians can reportedly cut soft tissue without any bleeding, sutures or discomfort.

Convergent Dental
844-GO-SOLEA  |  convergentdental.com


SiroLaser Blue

• SiroLaser Blue is reportedly the first dental laser in the U.S. that emits a blue light at a wavelength of 445 nm.
• The blue light energy is said to be absorbed nearly 100 times better by soft tissue than infrared light, enabling fast, precise and virtually painless cutting with impressive results.
• The laser is also engineered to be used at a wavelength of 970 nm (infrared light) for traditional indications in periodontics and hygiene and 660 nm (visible red light) for soft laser applications.

Dentsply Sirona
800-877-0020  |  dentsplysirona.com/laser-platform

Waterlase Express™

• Waterlase Express™ is the fifth-generation all-tissue dental laser from BIOLASE that’s designed to be easy to learn and use.
• It features a tablet-based interface and HD quality clinical animations for every procedure, along with step-by-step protocols that are said to help guide less invasive, patient-friendly procedures for restorative, perio, peri-implantitis and more.
• Waterlase Express reportedly makes minimally-invasive laser dentistry accessible for clinicians.

833-BIOLASE  |  waterlaseexpress.com

Photon Series

• The Photon Series of dental diode lasers is said to offer a high-quality product equipped with unique and unmatched features at a dramatically lower price point than any competitive product.
• Zolar Photon Series lasers are reportedly on their way to becoming the benchmark within the dental laser industry.
• Zolar products are specifically designed, developed and assembled by a team of dedicated dental professionals based in Ontario.

Zolar Technology & Mfg
888-410-2310  |  zolartek.com