GreenMark Gains FDA Clearance for LumiCare Caries Detection Rinse

GreenMark Biomedical has secured clearance from the FDA to begin marketing their LumiCare Caries Detection Rinse.

GreenMark Biomedical Inc. has announced its FDA clearance for marketing of their LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse as a 510(k) Class II Medical Device.

LumiCare rinse illuminates sub-surface porosites in the enamel by way of bioresorbable starch-based nanoparticles that degrade in the enzymes of saliva. Using this visualization process, caries can be detected earlier on, according to a press release from the company.

GreenMark hopes to integrate LumiCare into dental practices soon.

To learn more about LumiCare, visit the website here.