Great Lakes and OrthoApnea Partnering to Offer Sleep Appliance


Custom OrthoApnea NOA’s 2 individual low-profile splints hold the jaw in a controlled forward position to facilitate breathing and deliver better comfort for patients.

Great Lakes Dental Technologies has announced a new partnership with OrthoApnea, developer of an innovative mandibular advancement device, NOA, clinically proven to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

The custom OrthoApnea NOA features 2 individual low-profile splints designed to hold the jaw in a controlled forward position. The appliance is said to facilitate breathing and provide a more comfortable experience for the patient. The flexible, controlled advancement allows for lateral jaw movement while preventing joint discomfort. Mandibular advancement is designed by the clinician and performed in a progressive and controlled sequence through a series of lower splints.

“We are impressed with OrthoApnea’s commitment to innovative, high quality, scientific treatment solutions for patients who suffer from sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing,” says John Ende, Great Lakes president and CEO. “The new NOA is unique in that it was completely developed in a digital environment with the mandibular biomechanics of each patient at the forefront of appliance concept and design.”

OrthoApnea is a global, ISO certified science and biomedical technology company that specializes in developing, producing, and distributing mandibular advancement devices for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apena (OSA). Great Lakes is an employee-owned company that provides products, laboratory appliances and services, and both in-house and online appliance fabrication training to members of the orthodontic, prosthodontic, restorative, sleep, and general dental professions worldwide.

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