GPAINNOVA Launches DLyte Desktop Dental Machine

The DLyte Desktop Dental Machine will provide an effective, efficient solution for dental labs in need of an electropolishing machine.

GPAINNOVA has announced the launch of its second ultra-compact dry electropolishing machine the DLyte Desktop Dental. This compact machine is designed to be affordable and compact making it suitable for any dental lab, according to a press release from the company.

The DLyte Desktop Dental allows an automated polishing process for cobalt chrome pieces and other quality metal surface treatments. RPDS can be casted, sintered, and milled with traceable and predictable results. Lab technicians can utilize the homogenous finish with DLyte Desktop Dental to eliminate the need to a multi-step manual process. This is said to make things more effective and efficient overall in the lab. The machine has small dimensions and does not require any pre-existing or compressed air installation.

DLyte Desktop Dental works by first placing a 3-liter container filled of solid electrolyte in the machine. It then clamps the parts to be polished onto the holder and finger and places it into the equipment. After that, technicians are able to select whichever program best suits their current need. DLyte Desktop Dental is available to order now.