GNYDM 2016: 6 Promising Practice Management Classes


Out of the hundreds of potential class options, these 6 stood out as good opportunities for dentists and practice leaders looking to improve their business acumen.

Black Friday this year means something else entirely for dentists. While your family is carrying out a bleary eyed shopping binge, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be settling into your first class at the Greater NY Dental Meeting, which runs from Friday, Nov. 25 until Wednesday, Nov. 30.

This year marks the 92nd year of the conference. Organizers say it’s expected to attract more than 54,000 guests, making it one of the largest in the world. It will include its usual exhibits, demonstrations, and educational program.

The number of course options runs into the hundreds, which may make choosing the right sessions for you, a busy professional, a daunting task. Among the hundreds of classes are numerous sessions that will focus on practice management and tending to the business side of being a dentist. Here are 6 that caught our attention as options that would help a practice leader looking to improve his or her business acumen. You just might see us there!

1. Dentistry 20/20 Workshop: A Vision for the Future of Your Practice: This session, which will feature multiple speakers, appears to offer actionable strategies on boosting revenue and patient value. Organizers stress that this is an interactive session, so you might want to pass if you’re a bit of a wallflower. More info here.

2. The Top 10 Secrets to Make Your Practice Thrive: This class appears to be tailored to the entire dental team. If you’re seeing a lack of cohesion among your practice employees, this will likely be a sound option to get everybody pulling in the same direction. More info here.

3. Why Hypnosis Works and Its Place In Dentistry: OK, so it’s not specifically a Practice Management session, however, hypnosis, if applicable and effective, could be another marketing draw for your practice. Also, people will be hypnotized, so this session might make for a lively break from the conference norm. More info here.

4. Increase Your Case Acceptance Now: 4 Keys to More Patients Saying Yes!: One of the standout elements of this session is “3 easy changes to your schedule that can double your production in the next few months.” Who wouldn’t want to check that out? More info here.

5. New Technologies in Dental Medicine: Dentistry is at a transition point. The traditional model of repair could be switching over to regeneration in the near future. These cutting edge technologies and procedures are what patients of tomorrow will be looking for. More info here.

6. The Role of a Transition Team: Let’s face it, you don’t want to do this forever, do you? Retirement has to be on your mind in some capacity. This session will walk participants through the hurdles of selling your dental practice. More info here.

There are many other attractive options, however, these are just some of the highlights. If you can’t make it to New York, Dentist’s Money Digest will be there to bring you the highlights. And if you are going, next week we’ll be posting more on where to eat and what to do when you’re not at the conference.

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