Glidewell Launches New Surgical Guides

The new surgical guides from the company's DigitalTreatment Planning service are designed to offer safe, efficient implant placement for fully edentulous patients.

Glidewell has introduced tissue- and bone-supported surgical guides to help dentists enhance implant positioning for cases where a fixed or removable implant restoration is planned. The Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) line extension is designed to provide prosthetically driven implant positioning and a smooth, predictable surgical procedure for fully edentulous patients, according to a press release from Glidewell.

The DTP service helps clinicians determine where implants should be placed to maximize safety, avoid vital anatomical structures, save chair time, minimize surgical trauma for the patient, and ensure a predictable restorative outcome.

The service is available for all major guided implant systems. Future line extensions for full-arch cases will feature bundled options for the Hahn Tapered Implant System that include implants, healing abutments, impression copings or scan bodies, and the final fixed or removable prosthesis. Hahn bundles are now available for single- or multiple-implant cases where a tooth-supported guide is prescribed, according to the company’s press release.