Glidewell and Medit Launch New Intraoral Scanner

Glidewell and Medit will partner up to offer dentists an affordable and effective intraoral scanner for restorations and in-office milling.

Glidewell and Medit have announced a new partnership to introduce the™ Intraoral Scanner. This scanner combines the same technology behind the Medit i700 scanner and the™ In-Office solution as well as Glidewell’s dental lab. These 3 aspects merge to create an intraoral scanner that is said to offer dental practices an advanced scanning solution at an affordable price point, according to a press release from Glidewell.

The scanner is designed to be lightweight, with reversible tips, a detachable cable, and a UV-C LED disinfecting light. Users will also receive access to Medit applications, Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, and Crown Fit among others. It will be available in both wired and wireless versions, with both being offered a bundle opportunity that comes with a cart and a computer/laptop optimized for the’s technological specifications.

Clinicians who use the will be able to submit cases to either Glidewell’s lab, or whatever lab they choose. They can also upload impressions to the In-Office Solution to fabricate restorations in the office.

This partnership came about because it was a way to serve dentists an innovative, affordable solution, according to founder and president of Glidewell, Jim Glidewell.

“One of our primary goals with is to make digital dentistry more accessible and affordable to dentists everywhere,” said Glidewell in the press release. “By optimizing for both lab fabrication of restorations and in-office milling, we’re building towards a future where every dentist can control their own restorative workflow—bringing value to the practice and patients alike.”