Geistlich Launches New Allograft Product Vallos

New allograft materials from Geistlich have high osteoinductive properties while promoting structural strength, and are said to regenerate new vital bone after 18-20 weeks.

Geistlich has launched a new allograft product called vallos. These are demineralized allogenic materials that are designed to ensure high osteoinductive properties, per Geistlich. The demineralized bone matrix is said to turn over the natural bone rapidly and regenerate new vital bone after 18-20 weeks. Vallos is the first in Geistlich’s coming line of allograft products, and comes in 2 forms, vallos demineralized allogenic granules, and vallos f demineralized allogenic fibers.

Both forms are said to exhibit all 5 elements of bone formation and promote structural integrity and can deliver osteogenic cells when hydrated with bone marrow aspirate. Additionally, vallos f is said to have enhanced handling for precise graft placement and a 4 times higher osteoinductive potential than particulate DBM. Both vallos and vallos f have a 5-year shelf life.

Vallos and vallos f have been tested and meet or exceed regulatory requirements, and are compatible with existing Geistlich biomaterials. It is available now.