GC America Introduces G2-Bond Universal Adhesive

G2-Bond Univeral's Dual-H Technology is designed to optimize bonding to both the tooth structure and the restorative material.

GC America is expanding its adhesive lineup with G2-BOND Universal, a 2-bottle universal bonding system that features exceptional properties in strength and versatility. Using proprietary Dual H-Technology, G2-BOND is formulated to give clinicians the choice between self-etch and etch-and-rinse in 1 system.

Designed to improve restorations, G2-Bond is said to be versatile across a range of indications, including direct restorations, immediate dentin sealing (IDS), intraoral repair, treating hypersensitivity, luting indirect restorations, and more. Its Dual-H Technology is designed to optimize bonding, both to the tooth structure and restorative materials, with its smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics. The hydrophobic bond layer is said to lower the occurrence of water sorption, which decreases the risk of degradation and is said to add durability and yield reliable results.

In addition, its thickness is said to act as a shock-absorbing layer to avoid gap formation and debonding, especially with high shrinkage and bulk-fill composites. G2-Bond Universal is also said to leave virtually no postoperative sensitivity.

G2-Bond Universal will be available beginning February 15. For more information, visit gcamerica.com.