GC America Adds Unitip Delivery for G-ænial Universal Injectable Restorative

This high strength dental restorative material is now available in a single-use unitip delivery system.

Clinicians using GC America's G-ænial Universal Injectable restorative material have a new delivery option as the company recently launched single-use, unitip packaging.

A highly filled composite material, G-ænial Universal Injectable offers a thixotropic viscosity that adapts to cavity walls and margins but retains its shape well during placement. The material is suited for use in all classes of cavity and can be used for posterior restorations without the need for a capping layer, while also providing the esthetics necessary for anterior use.

The material features an innovative Full-coverage Silane Coating (FCS) that is said to improve the coupling between the fillers and the matrix to make the material easy to extrude without slumping or sticking to the tip. The material also exhibits a high wear resistance, making it optimal for the injection molding technique.

G-ænial Universal Injectable is available in 16 shades including opaque and enamel, holds a long-lasting shine, and offers high radiopacity.