Garrison Introduces Fusion Anterior Matrix System

Designed specifically for the needs of anterior restorations, this new matrix system was developed in conjunction with customers who had been using posterior matrices in the anterior region.

Designed to help clinicians restore lesions in the anterior region, the Fusion Anterior Matrix System from Garrison was developed in conjunction with innovative customers.

The new anterior matrix system was created based on Garrison customer's experiences using posterior metal matrices while restoring anterior teeth, according to a press release. Those clinicians were placing posterior matrix bands vertically to allow the band's buccal-lingual curvature to create an optimal gingival-incisal curvature for an anterior tooth. Based on this experience, Garrison worked to refine the matrix band for even better anterior adaptation.

The new system also includes Fusion Anterior Wedges which feature enough curvature to keep the bands tight to the tooth from the facial to the lingual. The entire system is designed to make placing and sculpting composite in the anterior region as simple and effective as it is in the posterior.