The Future of Millable Materials is Here


These temporaries are often needed for anywhere from two weeks to a year or more so strong and durable provisional materials are necessary to keep the restoration stable so the patient can function in the meantime.


An increased demand for both elective and implant-based dental treatments has also created a rising demand for temporary restorations. Many dentists use provisionals to prevent deterioration while patients wait for their final restoration.

These temporaries are often needed for anywhere from two weeks to a year or more so strong and durable provisional materials are necessary to keep the restoration stable so the patient can function in the meantime.

Additionally, advances in millable metals like CoCr mean that casting metal isn’t always a necessity for those labs specializing in PFMs. Together, these two material types are revolutionizing what dental technicians can do in their milling machines.

We wanted to give you a quick roundup of some of the leading PMMA and CoCr materials out there. Whether you’re a small lab, large lab or somewhere in between, here is a snapshot of the top temporary material companies and products.

Amann Girrbach-Ceramill TEMP Multilayer

Ceramill TEMP Multilayer is a stained acrylic for long-term temporary restorations with an in situ time of up to 12 months. The blank consists of multiple shade layers that correspond to the shade gradient of a natural tooth. They are available in sizes between 13 mm and 20 mm and various dentin shades. Conventional cutters, trimmers and polishing pastes can be used for finishing and polishing. Restorations can be fabricated fully anatomically and veneered with conventional crown and bridge resins. Crowns and bridges of up to 14 units can be fabricated using Ceramill TEMP Mulitlayer. Customized, esthetic gingival forming with implant restorations is also a possibility.

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Argen-ArgenPMMA discs

ArgenPMMA discs are said to offer the highest quality and most esthetic temporary material in a wide selection of shades and sizes to meet your laboratory’s PMMA demands. It is 100 percent FDA approved, easy to polish and can be stained and layered for maximum results. ArgenPMMA discs are available in 16 Classic VITA shades, one monochromatic bleach shade, ultra-clear, pink and seven multi-shade discs, including bleach, in a range of sizes to fit most mills.

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Empire Dental Solutions-CopraSintec K

Empire Dental Solutions introduced CopraSintec K, a CoCr alloy from White Peaks that can be milled in any open milling system (wet or dry). Designed to effectively eliminate the need for outsourcing and allowing technicians to utilize the same milling process for both zirconia and metal, this high strength alloy is said to allow for up to 14 unit bridges and is sintered in an argon sintering furnace for 4.5 hours. With the ability to mill and finish NP metals in-house using the current milling system and burs, a lab is able to provide quicker turnaround. In addition, it is said to reduce the need for remakes, increasing the profit margin.

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CopraSintec K testimonial

We have been working with White Peaks’ CopraSintec K for more than six months. This product is incredible. It does not bubble, is nonporous and works with any porcelain. CopraSintec K is very easy to work with. We have done more than 1,000 crowns, and all of them were perfect.

- Sergey Myastkovskiy, owner of Smile Tech Solution Dental Lab and Milling Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Ivoclar Vivadent-Telio® CAD for Zenotec

Telio® CAD for Zenotec, part of the Telio system of laboratory and clinical temporary materials, is said to enable the fabrication of temporary anterior and posterior crowns or bridges with a maximum wear period of 12 months. Telio CAD for Zenotec is available in six shades and multiple thicknesses. Combine Telio CAD with Telio Lab LC (light curing) staining and layering materials to provide extensive characterization options. High production, excellent polishability and true-to-nature gloss are said to provide outstanding results. High flexural strength and shade stability reportedly make Telio CAD a great choice for the extended wear periods that may be encountered for complex cases. Clinicians can use the esthetic Telio CS cementation and relining products to ensure reliable results.

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Jensen Dental-Jensen PMMA Millable Provisional Material

Jensen Dental has released Jensen PMMA Millable Provisional Material, a frame-based product for use with the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution’s M200 Mill and other 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ materials approved mills, including the Lava Form and Preciso M500 (formerly the CNC 500). Jensen PMMA joins a portfolio of other materials available through Jensen Dental’s Preciso solution, including 3M ESPE’s Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia and Lava Ultimate Restorative, Jensen HT and XT Zirconia and Jensen WX Millable Wax. Jensen PMMA is available in 20 mm thick frames and in shades A1, A2, A3 and B1.

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Keystone Industries-Trim® Plus

Trim® Plus is a long-term PMMA-formula chairside tooth shade resin for use in fabricating temporary crowns, bridges, partials and splints and in the laboratory for denture teeth. It is color-stable for extended life and available in shades B1 (59), B2 (61), A1 (60), A2 (62), D3 (65), A3 (66), B3 (67), 68, C2 (69), B4 (77), A3.5 (81) and A4 (87) for greater selection. The shades are said to provide a natural appearance when matching patient requirements.

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Primotec USA–PREMIOtemp

PREMIOtemp is a new multilayered PMMA material from Primotec. This ultra-esthetic temporary material combines five-plus layers of colors into one disc, giving the restoration the most natural look possible. The top of the gradient disc is lighter and very translucent (incisal) and gradually shades down to the bottom, which is darker (cervical). The discs are composed of special acrylic resins combined with organically modified ceramics for increased translucency and superior mechanical properties. Due to the strength and esthetics, PREMIOtemp is designed for long-term cemented or screw-retained temporaries. The discs come in a variety of shapes for different types of milling machines and heights up to 25 mm. The material is FDA-approved and available in most VITA shades.

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VITA North America-VITA CAD-Temp

Available in multicolor and monocolor blocks, VITA CAD-Temp consists of fiber-free homogeneous, cross-linked acrylate-polymer with a microfiller. Exhibiting a well-balanced combination of tensile strength and elasticity, the blocks are described as ideal for the fabrication of multi-unit, fully or partially anatomical long-term temporary bridge restorations. In addition, VITA CAD-Temp materials are designed to offer good long-term stability (wearing period up to three years) and abrasion resistance, lasting color stability and natural fluorescence for exceptional esthetics.

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Whip Mix-Vericore® millable pmma discs

Whip Mix Vericore® millable PMMA discs come in a variety of colors and chemistries. PMMA Clear is a sturdy, see-through burnout material; PMMA Ivory is a natural-looking burnout pattern material; PMMA Blue is ideal to use as a burnout pattern because it reportedly makes determining thicknesses easy; and PMMA Gradient Temporary is said to provide the patient with a naturally beautiful, long-lasting temporary anterior restoration.

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Zahn Dental-Zirlux Temp/Zirlux Temp Multi

Zirlux Temp and Zirlux Temp Multi are PMMA discs designed to be ideal for the precise fabrication of temporary restorations. These PMMA restorations can be used for up to 12 months intraorally, reportedly providing a valuable esthetic option for managing fit, function and phonetics. Zirlux Temp is available in 17 shades and four disc sizes. Also produced in multiple sizes and thicknesses, Zirlux Temp Multi is a multilayered PMMA choice for various milling machines, laboratories and milling centers.

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