Forward Science Launches Relief Gel BioStom

This oral relief gel eliminates the need for opioids when dealing with pain or discomfort.

Forward Science has announced the launch of its non-opioid oral pain relief gel BioStōm. BioStom Oral Pain Gel is designed to manage pain for oral wounds, mouth sores, injuries, and ulcers by adhering to tissue and forming a protective barrier, according to a press release from the company. It is meant to prevent irritation and maintains a moist wound environment.

BioStōm was designed as a way to provide oral pain relief without the use of opioids, particularly for younger patients in which the brain is still developing, according to Forward Science CEO Robert Whitman. This pain gel is meant to help in avoiding overprescription of opioids which only furthers the opioid epidemic.

“At Forward Science our mission is to provide clinicians worldwide with high quality products that, in turn, allow them to provide the highest standard of care to their patients,” Whitman said in the press release. Our Research and Development team designed BioStōm not only to meet market demands, but also to exceed clinical expectations. By making this product available for professional use, we have created a trusted non-opioid pain-relief option for clinicians to utilize readily, catapulting our efforts against the opioid epidemic to new levels.”

The oral wound dressing is available now to all clinical professionals.