Fortune Management Unveils New CAMP Course Structure

Programs cover a wide array of topics designed to bring dental teams together with better communication, culture, marketing and finances.

After months of work behind the scenes to tweak an already very successful program, Fortune Management has unveiled its new CAMP structure and options just in time for dental practices to ramp up their planning for 2022 and beyond.

Now with 10 different CAMP options for team members, Kim McGuire, Chief Operating Officer for Fortune Management, believes that Fortune Management has taken its foundational principles and updated them for today’s teams.

“Live seminars have always been a very important part of the Fortune program,” McGuire said. “When Fortune Management was started more than 31 years ago, Tony Robbins delivered all 4 of the original three-day training universities. We also brought in a lot of different speakers to join Tony in teaching our clients.

“We had 5 training universities for several years because we saw a need for more content to be delivered. However, over the years, we have seen the market shifting in terms of how dentists and teams want to consume live content continuing education, so we have made it more ‘user-friendly,’” she continued. “Today, dentists and team members like to go to a one-day seminar and get immersed into 1 topic, then turn around and implement it Monday morning. Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our industry is one of the biggest reasons why we made these changes.”

McGuire said the just-unveiled structure has already been embraced and is bringing teams together in new and exciting ways.

“We structured these CAMPs in such a way that we have a lot of interactive group work, so it’s not a whole 6 or 8 hours of lecture,” McGuire added. “The doctors are getting together with their teams. They are masterminding on different topics. They are role playing. They are taking actionable items back to their practices and implementing them, and that’s making Monday more exciting for everyone involved.”

Here are the CAMP options now available from Fortune Management.

Under the “Foundations” category

CAMP Communication

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your communication with others. This course focuses on the foundational Fortune Management Communication Technologies. Enhance your communication skills on both a personal and professional level.

CAMP Culture

Creating the culture you desire in your practice is key to long-term success. This course focuses on the foundational leadership tools every practice needs including vision and team-building, accountability, and the cornerstones of TEAM.

CAMP Structure

A practice thrives with excellent systems. This course focuses on growing the practice by improving your foundational systems through structure and strategy.

Under the “Performance” category

CAMP Enrollment

Get your patients to say “YES!” Learn to build rapport and elegantly enroll patients in the treatment they need, deserve, and want. Learn lifelong skills for understanding different behaviors and styles.

CAMP Marketing

Clarity on your brand and your ideal patient is key. Learn the areas of marketing to attract the patients you want in your practice. Elevate the patient experience.


Everyone deserves to have the most fulfilling life possible. When was the last time you took a day to reflect on all areas of your life and what could be in the way from you having the life you deserve? This course focuses on personal growth and development through creating goals and strategies in all areas of your life.

Under the “Mastery” category

CAMP Hygiene

The hygiene department is the lifeblood of any general dental practice. This course focuses on building a thriving hygiene department and creating leaders for the ultimate in patient care.

CAMP Finance

Financial freedom is something everyone deserves. This course was designed for all team members (and also open to the team member’s significant other/spouse) and includes powerful tools to create empowering beliefs around finances, investing, and a healthy money mindset.


Specifically created for the owner/doctor, this course was designed to elevate your thinking and create new strategies in profitability and leadership while working on your business.


Designed for the clinical doctor provider, connect with other Fortune Management doctors on strategies to become more of the clinical leader in your practice. From treatment planning, enrollment, and execution, here’s how to do the dentistry you love.

To learn more about Fortune Management’s Training CAMP options, please click here.  You can also reach out to your local Fortune Management executive coach for more information. A complete list of coaches around the United States and Canada can be found here.