Formlabs Announces Permanent Crown Resin and Soft Tissue Starter Pack 3D Print Materials


3D printing company Formlabs announces the first 3D printing resin for chairside production of permanent crowns.

Formlabs permanent crown resin

Formlabs recently expanded its material offerings, and the capabilities of chairside dental 3D printing, with the launch of its new Permanent Crown Resin and Soft Tissue Starter Pack materials.

Described as a more cost-effective option than milling permanent crowns, the new Permanent Crown Resin material was developed in partnership with BEGO. The resin can be used to print tooth-colored ceramic-filled resin crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The printed crowns are said to provide high strength, precise fits, and lasting restorations that offer a smooth finish to avoid discoloring or accumulating plaque.

Soft Tissue Starter Pack

The new Soft Tissue Starter Pack is made up of Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin and three color pigments which allow for the printing of customized gingiva masks for implant models.

Both new materials are compatible with the Formlabs 3B printer.

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