Floss and Flip Flops Episode 13: The Focal Point of Infection


The Sanders Sisters jump into 2023 with a discussion of the many conditions that display some of their earliest symptoms in the oral environment, and all the ways this can connect to systemic issues that can become serious health challenges for patients.

Episode Notes

Floss and Flip-Flops with the Sanders sisters features hosts dental hygienist and speaker Katrina M. Sanders, RDH, and podiatrist Dr Elizabeth Sanders, DPM. Together, the sisters discuss the oral-systemic link and its impact—from your teeth down to your toes. The podcast is produced monthly by Dental Products Report® and Modern Hygienist®, in partnership with The Sanders sisters.

For additional content for dental professionals visit DPR and MH at dentalproductsreport.com.

Katrina Sanders, RDH, can be reached at:


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