Five things to do BEFORE you call the consultant

October 27, 2015
David Black
David Black

Drawing on over 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Black focuses on speaking and coaching through in-office consultation. Dr. Black has Pankey-Dawson clinical training and has retained staff an average of 20 years each. He has distilled the wisdom of major national consulting firms into a successful restorative and cosmetic practice in a small suburban town. Dr. Black brings these qualities and more to help both new doctors and associateships needing to increase their productivity by attention to systems. He has proven leadership and administrative skill, and is a dental leader in the local society and MOM’s projects, community boards, and state dental board of directors, committees and task forces.

Don’t get me wrong, consultants are great. I hired several over my long career. I like them so much, I became one. But, before you make the call and sign the contract, there a few things you can do to jumpstart the process, or even delay your need for help for a while.


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