A first-hand look into a dental practice in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine has grabbed the world’s attention since late November when Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych abandoned an agreement that would more closely align the country with the European Union over Russia. It has spiraled into the stalemate you see today, with tough political talk coming from the United States and the West and being countered with equally tough jargon from Moscow.


Many of us have never been to Ukraine or know much about it, other than what we see in the various news outlets that are covering the crisis. Luckily, thanks to the World Wide Web, we can get a taste for a foreign land even if we’ve never stepped foot on its soil.


With that in mind, we turn to the blog titled, “8 Months In Ukraine” that is written by Katherine, who (as of March) has been in the country for 31 months now. One of her blog posts dealt with a visit to a dental office in the Ukraine. I found it to be a fascinating read (from the patient perspective) and even enjoyed how she compared the Ukraine dental practice to one in the United States.


The blog post begins…


“Although I much prefer to ignore problems like this and just hope they go away, last night's frantic midnight Googling of "pain in back teeth" (and that terrible scene in Castaway, you know what I'm talking about!) convinced me to wake up early today and see the dentist. D and I, like naive Americans, assumed that we'd see a receptionist this morning and at best be able to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.”


Click here to read her entire blog post, detailing her entire experience in a Ukrainian dental practice.