Find America's Most Fun Cities


A new report looks at statistical data to determine which US cities are "the most fun."


Las Vegas and Orlando top


’s list of the best US cities for those in search of destinations with a variety of inexpensive fun activities. Las Vegas offers gaming with plenty of minimum slots and tables plus reasonably-priced shows and restaurants. Orlando’s many theme parks engage children and adults with all-day entertainment for one entry fee.

The personal finance website ranks Pittsburgh as the 14


funnest city, while Minneapolis comes in at No. 20. To come up with the merry group, WalletHub compared 150 of the country’s largest cities using 51 key items such as movie costs, average hours breweries stay open, number of tennis court, bike rental facilities, hiking trails and restaurants per capita.

The five least festive cities in the study in descending order are Fontana, CA; Chula Vista, CA; Fremont, CA; Yonkers, NY; and Oxnard, CA. If you are traveling to Pittsburgh, Minneapolis or any of the other top fun cities for business, you may want to build in extra time for exploring and if you’re looking for getaways with relatively low cost activities, consider the destinations that made WalletHub’s top spots survey.

WalletHub’s 20 Most Fun Cities in America for 2016


1. Las Vegas, NV, with a score of 68.40

2. Orlando, FL, score 68.17

3. Miami, FL, score 59.61

4. New Orleans, LA, score 57.47

5. Salt Lake City, UT, 57.36

6. Cincinnati, OH, 56.15

7. Fort Lauderdale, FL, 55.85

8. St. Louis, MO, 55.81

9. Atlanta, GA, 54.72

10. Scottsdale, AZ, 54.30

11. Tampa, FL, 53.58

12. Portland, OR, 53.13

13. Tempe, AZ, 50.32

14. Pittsburgh, PA, 49.90

15. San Francisco, CA, 49.24

16. Honolulu, HI, 48.97

17. Knoxville, TN, 48.14

18. Reno, NV, 48.05

19. Denver, CO, 48.03

20. Minneapolis, MN, 47.71

WalletHub’s Fun Cities Fun Facts

Scottsdale, AZ, has the most public golf courses per 100,000 residents, 12.97, or 90 times more than New York City, which has the fewest golf courses at 0.14 per 100,000 residents.

Orlando, FL, has the most bars per 100,000 residents, 215.81, which is 31 times more than in Fontana, CA, which has the fewest at 6.95 per 100,000 residents.

Albuquerque, NM, has the lowest average beer price per six pack, $5.65, which is two times lower than in Chicago and Aurora, IL, the cities with the highest prices, averaging $14.04.

Madison, WI, has the most park playgrounds per 100,000 residents, 72.96, which is 155 times more than in San Bernadino, CA, the city with the lowest, 0.47.

San Francisco, CA, has the most performing arts theaters per 100,000 residents, 228.17, which is 20 times more than in Newark, NJ, the city with the fewest, 11.48.

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