Financial Advisor and CEO of Northeast Private Client Group Mark Murphy Releases New Practice Management Book

With his third book, financial advisor and industry expert Mark B. Murphy aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners to build prosperity for their future.

Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Private Client Group and financial advisor Mark B. Murphy has written a new book, “The Ultimate Investment: A Roadmap to Grow Your Business and Build Multigenerational Wealth,” that is available for order now. In it, Murphy leverages 35 years of industry experience to offer insight on practice management and entrepreneurship, according to a press release. Murphy’s insight is focused on building, not just acquiring, according to the author.

“The roles of the entrepreneur and business owner are different–they require different sets of skills,” Murphy says in the press release. “True entrepreneurialism is about freeing yourself from the constraints of time. Instead of ‘clocking in’ at your own company to make sure the money keeps coming in, a true entrepreneur is able to spend more time growing the business, accumulating wealth, and leaving a legacy for future generations.”

Murphy’s mission with his third book is to help entrepreneurs and business owners create generational wealth and prosperity in the face of potential economic pitfalls such as the potential for a recession.

The book is available for order now.