Film About Superhero Dentists Battling Sugar Bugs Premiers June 25


“The Rise of SuperMouth” hopes to make you laugh, cry and floss before bedtime, according to dentist/producer.

“The Rise of SuperMouth” hopes to make you laugh, cry and floss before bedtime, according to dentist/film producer.

Kami Hoss, DDS, likes to make people smile, and he also likes to help make sure people keep their smiles a long time. The dentist, orthodontist, author, and speaker also makes movies to bring smiles to children and their parents.

His latest project, “The Rise of SuperMouth,” will have its World Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatres on Sunday, June 25th, as part of the 26th annual Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles, with live performances, selfies with the characters, and more at the family-friendly event. Tickets for the screening are available HERE.

The film then will be released worldwide the next day on YouTube and its content hub HERE beginning Monday, June 26th, which happens to be National Toothbrush Day.

Dr Hoss’ company SuperMouth, the pioneers of the first-ever dentist-invented oral care systems for kids, has released a trailer of "The Rise of SuperMouth.” With the release of this official trailer, the company hopes to prove that oral care can be an enjoyable experience for children, leading them to eagerly anticipate and engage in brush time.

In the first look at this 35-minute family adventure, viewers meet the SuperMouth Squad, a team of superhero dentists and their comical sidekicks, as they attempt to stop villainous candymaker Cavitar from spreading Sugar Bugs to ruin teeth throughout the galaxy. This hybrid live-action animated film is ultimately about 2 kids taking to heart the lesson from their late father about using the power of smiles to find their inner strength and reconnect as a family. You can watch the trailer HERE.

The superhero concept started several years ago with the help of Dr Hoss’ wife, Nazli Keri, DDS, when the 2 came up with the idea of The Super Dentists. With superhero décor throughout the San Diego practice, and the boost from an earlier—less professional— locally shown short film made by Dr Hoss, the practice took off. The SuperMouth company—founded by pediatric dentists who invented a line of oral care products specifically for kids—grew along with the whole superhero concept, with fellow Super Dentists joining the family and comic books and other marketing materials helping children get on board with fighting cavities.

With a gift for telling stories and playing the piano, Dr Hoss has been passionate about battling the widespread, preventable disease of caries. Music, film, and superheroes have all helped him grow the company, but more importantly to help teach kids the importance of proper oral care.

The goal is to take brushing and flossing and to shift it from being something children consider a chore, to something fun. If you can make it fun, you can start to build healthy habits for life, Dr Hoss says.

After much success at the local level, Dr Hoss and Dr Keri—also known as the Tooth Keri—are hoping the “The Rise of SuperMouth” will take the concept national, with children across the country becoming more aware of their oral health and more willing to play a bigger role in it if brushing and flossing can be fun.

SuperMouth focuses on whole-mouth health while making it a one-stop shop for parents and fun for kids.

SuperMouth focuses on whole-mouth health while making it a one-stop shop for parents and fun for kids.

Long ago —more than 20 years — the pair of superheroes emerged to work their super dentist magic on the kids of San Diego, as The Tooth Keri and Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile “Dr Hoss” embarked on this journey.

After putting together a determined team of pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and a super crew to fight cavities and crooked teeth, The Super Dentists provide out-of-this-world, kids-centered dental care, with the goal of saving the world one smile at a time, Dr Hoss says. There are now 6 offices in the San Diego area featuring theme-park-designed “Super Lounge” with state-of-the-art dental technologies.

“At SuperMouth we’ve made this movie that’s going to make you laugh, and it’s going to make you cry and it’s going to make you floss at bedtime,” Dr Hoss says. “It’s a brilliant, beautiful movie. It’s not a movie made by a dental product company. It’s a great story with amazing acting.”

“The Rise of SuperMouth” is executive produced by Dr Hoss and Richard Tiland, written and directed by Daniel Robert Cohn, and produced by Evan J. Cholfin, based on a story by Dr Hoss, Cohn, and Cholfin.

The film stars Joe Chambrello, Nova Gaver, Jack Brenner, Rachel Wirtz, Kayla Robinson, Jack De Sanz, Natalie Polisson, Jared Fleming, Daisy Isles, and Acston Luca Porto.

Thanks to the success of his dental practice, Dr Hoss discovered that kids rush to brush if you make mouth care fun. Identifying this need and opportunity, he has worked to gather other dental and medical experts, as well as kid experts who have worked with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar to bring to life superhero characters that teach kids about the importance of dental care.

He launched SuperMouth, a new oral care system with products that clean, protect, and balance the mouth's natural microbiome, the first line of defense in oral-gut health, based on these characters so they are fun for kids to use. The SuperMouth experience includes a wide array of products and content including ice cream flavors, an augmented reality app, toys, a comic book, and now—a movie.

Cohn states, “I’m truly proud to work on a film that not only has a lot of humor and heart but can have a major impact on the way kids see themselves and help them appreciate the power and value of their own smiles.”

“We absolutely love what the team has put together, and hope that kids and their families can enjoy this film in person and worldwide. It is all part of our own mission to help parents to raise healthier, happier, and more successful kids,” Dr Hoss concludes.

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