FDA Clears Robotic System for Dental Implant Procedures


Yomi, the latest robotic guidance system created by Neocis, will help dentists during dental implant surgeries, providing navigation guidance of surgical instruments during procedures. The system uses haptic robotic technology to constrain depth, orientation, and position of dental drills.

Dentists place about four million dental implants annually.

Neocis Inc. has received clearance from the FDA to market their new robotic guidance system, Yomi. The company created Yomi as a computerized navigational system for use in dental implant procedures. Yomi is intended to aid dentists in the pre-operative and intra-operative phases of dental implant surgery.

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The Yomi system comes with specialized software to help dentists plan each step of the surgery. The robotic system can also be used to provide navigational guidance of surgical instruments during the procedure. This is accomplished using haptic robotic technology, which constrains the depth, orientation, and position of dental drills.

Currently, Yomi is the only surgical robotic system developed for specific use within the dental industry. Neocis Inc. touts the system as a revolutionary new tool for dentists, allowing dentists complete control over the technology and surgery at all times. Dentists can clearly visualize the surgical site, and it’s possible to dynamically change the surgical plan as needed at any time during the procedure.

Almost four million dental implants are placed each year within the United States. There are nearly 15,000 dental specialists and almost 150,000 general practice dentists that provide implantation services to patients.

Some dentists have already begun to use the Yomi system to provide care to patients. Federico Grande, D.D.S., M.D., says, “Showing my patients the benefits of robotic guidance with Yomi gives them comfort. They know they are getting state-of-the-art treatment and reliable results.”

Robotic technology is already widely used in a variety of medical applications. While Yomi is the first robotic surgical system developed for the dental industry, it is also an indicator of the future of robotic technology in dentistry. In fact, the surgical robotics market is forecast to grow significantly across several medical and healthcare markets, reaching $20 billion by 2021.

Neocis Inc. is focused on improving health care through robotic assistance. CEO and Co-founder of Neocis, Alon Mozes, Ph.D., says, “We are excited to achieve this important milestone for Yomi. We look forward to further demonstrating the benefits of Yomi to the surgeon’s practice and their patients and to bringing the system to select key opinion leaders in the United States.”

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