FasTeesH introduces next-generation electric toothbrush

The Y-Brush is able to brush teeth efficiently in just 10 seconds.

Through its use of innovative technology, Y-brush is said to be able to brush all teeth simultaneously and ensure an efficient clean in only 10 seconds. Although its effectiveness seems inconceivable, it has been proved by numerous in-vivo and in-vitro trials. The product required almost three years of R&D, and it was developed with the help of health professionals (dentists and medical doctors).

Almost a third of Americans have admitted to brushing their teeth less than twice a day. Moreover, on average, they don’t brush their teeth for long enough, less than the two-minute duration recommended by healthcare institutions. Benjamin Cohen, CEO of FasTeesH, who spearheaded this next-generation toothbrush, explains, “Today, people think of teeth brushing as a strenuous and tedious chore. The daily routine has become speedy and inefficient. Yet, dental hygiene must be taken very seriously since it has extensive repercussions on one’s general health. Y-Brush was created to improve the current dental health situation.”

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Y-Brush functions like an electric toothbrush - a handle activates a brush with sonic vibrations - but its head is in the shape of a Y, allowing for complete coverage of all of the teeth (different sizes have been designed in order to fit children and adults). Covered with nylon bristles inclined at a 45° angle, the brush is said to ensure thorough removal of dental plaque on the teeth and along the gum line by recreating the Bass-method recommended by dentists.

"Presently, people brush their teeth one by one, facet per facet, spending under four seconds on a tooth, and that is if they are brushing correctly," says co-founder Christophe Cadot. "With Y-Brush, all of your teeth are brushed at the same time, for five seconds each, and the correct brushing motion is replicated for you. You can rest assured that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly with each use of the device. Brushing is made simpler and more practical for children and the elderly with diminished autonomy.”

Y-Brush is currently exclusively available online at