Excelitas Technologies Introduces Kepri Upper-Air UVC Disinfection System

This indoor, upper-air disinfection system is a lightweight solution for dental practices looking to improve its air quality.

Excelitas Technologies has introduced a new disinfection system called the Kepri™ Upper-Air UVC Disinfection System. It is designed to neutralize bacteria, mold, and other viruses such as SARS-COV-19, without ozone emissions. It meets the UL-8802 standard for minimizing UVC energy in the lower part of the room while assuring safe operation. It features a triple sensor safety monitoring system containing a Tilt Sensor for temperature regulation, a presence sensor for people detection, and a motion-activated occupancy sensor and switch to allow users to select operating preferences.

“Upper-level room air disinfection is a highly effective technology that has been used in healthcare for over 20 years. We are pleased to apply Excelitas’ established LED expertise to expand the technology’s reach, making effective air disinfection more widely accessible,” Product Manager at Excelitas Mark Gaston said in a press release from the company. “In addition to being one of the smallest and most aesthetically pleasing devices on the market, Kepri’s 3 safety sensors and UL-8802 approval make it one of the safest upper-air products available today. We’re proud to introduce a system featuring solid state lighting technology and state-of-the-art safety to the UVC upper-air disinfection market for use in a variety of indoor spaces.”

Kepri is said to be easy to incorporate into a dental practice with it weighing in at 2.5 kg. It is also said to feature a relatively easy to use interface so anyone in the dental practice can easily configure settings as needed.

The Kepri is available now for indoor dental and medical spaces.