ErgoFinger wearable high volume suction device reduces physical stress as well as aerosol contamination

Disposable finger attached HVE tip designed to make working without an assistant easier and healthier.

ErgoFinger® is a disposable finger attached HVE Tip that permits ergonomic working postures; which avoid upraised arms, bending and twisting of the neck, awkward twisting of the wrist, and an overly tight pinched grip. Described as the ultimate solution to minimizing the physical stress of a dental professional working without an assistant, the wearable tool also helps reduce aerosols during procedures.

ErgoFinger® HVE Tip with its nozzle bore size of 11mm reduces the aerosol contamination arising from the oral cavity and effectively eliminates fluid and debris while performing power instrumentation procedures without an assistant. It is proven that an HVE Tip removes 90-98% of aerosols arising from the operative site reducing the risks of contamination, according to company data.

The ErgoFinger is a disposable finger attached HVE Tip available in different sizes and sold in packages that contain:

  • 50 pieces of finger size S-M or L-XL with attached nozzle bore size of 11mm
  • 50 pieces of tube
  • 1 User Manual

To determine which ErgoFinger size suits you the best, take as a reference the size of a protection glove you usually use. If you usually use a glove of the size S or M, choose the ErgoFinger S-M. If you usually use a glove of the size L or XL, choose ErgoFinger L-XL.

The ErgoFinger HVE tip is designed to be used with a lightweight evacuation hose and a lightweight HVE evacuation valve. It is not recommended to use together with a heavy HVE hose and a heavy HVE evacuation valve.

The ErgoFinger HVE Hose Kit is an accessory containing a lightweight hose together with an autoclavable suction valve which makes the use of the evacuation device more comfortable and ergonomic by reducing the overall weight for the operator’s hand and fingers.

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