Episode 16: Optimal Operatories and Greenlight Part II


What is the latest in dental operatory design? How do you plan around both clinician needs and patient needs? Are overhead lights still a necessity? We get answers to all this and more in a discussion with Terri Lively who wrote our July cover story, Optimal Operatories. Then we’re joined by Hu-Friedy global business development manager Jessica Wilson to discuss infection control best practices.

Episode 16 – In this episode of the ProdPod, Editorial Director Noah Levine talks with author Terri Lively about her July Dental Products Report cover story Optimal Operatory. She shares what she learned about equipment, ergonomics, efficiency and designing for optimal patient care from her interviews with operatory design experts and clinicians who recently revamped their ops. In the second half of the episode, we’re joined by Hu-Friedy global business development manager Jessica Wilson who shares what she’s learned about infection control best practices and how this information can be made actionable through the Greenlight Dental Compliance Center.

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