Envista Summit Focusing on Digital Workflows, Advances in Imaging, Implants and Ortho

Nobel Biocare’s implant advances, DEXIS imaging updates, and the new Damon Ultima™ System, the latest addition to the Ormco bracket and wire portfolio, all take center stage at this week’s event in Austin, Texas.

Thursday’s agenda for the Envista Summit in Austin, Texas featured plenty of hands-on demonstrations for dental implants and digital workflows, as well as several presentations on technology, orthodontics and surgery. But prior to all of this, the day kicked off with the opening session, which included Envista President and CEO Amir Aghdaei, and author and strategic futurist Nancy Giordano.

Aghdaei started the morning off by talking about Envista’s announcement this past week that its imaging business will be re-branded as DEXIS. The DEXIS brand will represent Envista’s portfolio of digital imaging solutions such as CBCT, handheld X-rays, intraoral scanners, sensors, and surgical systems. Other brands under the new DEXIS umbrella include i-CAT, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, and NOMAD. This umbrella will encompass digital dental solutions for everyday use, according to Aghdaei, who added that the company has “more than 100 years of innovation.”

With a theme of “Digitize, Personalize, and Democratize” Envista—headquartered in Brea, California—looks to do more and do it more predictably, the company CEO said. Aghdaei handed the mic over to Austin native Giordano, who is described as an endlessly optimistic, strategic futurist, corporate strategist, and bestselling author who has consulted on a portfolio of $60+ billion well-known brands and given more than 100+ global keynotes.

Giordano shared insights on how “being human drives productivity” and her presentation was filled with positive stories and advice on how today’s companies can deal with mental wellbeing and methods to promote leadership and collaboration without negativity.

She shared videos that illustrate positive results brought about from things like drones rapidly delivering packages to families, mothers helping one another, companies coming together to combat environmental issues, and AI applications and how they’re transforming our daily lives. While not focused solely on the dental industry, Giordano’s messages can be used to help every one and every industry.

Following the opening sessions, the Envista Summit was filled with lectures covering implant surgery, digital workflows that include the integration of CBCT, treatment planning, digital X-rays and more. The Summit also includes a number of exhibitors. They include Envista companies like Nobel Biocare, Kerr, Ormco, DEXIS, SPARK Clear Aligner, Orascoptic, i-CAT, DTX Studio and more, along with non-Envista companies such as Crest/Oral-B and several orthodontic companies.

Attendees also learned more about Envista's new Damon Ultima™ System, the latest addition to the Ormco bracket and wire portfolio, the Spark™ clear aligner system, and Nobel Biocare’s Xeal and Ti-Ultra implant surface technology.