Envista and Pacific Dental Services Announce Partnership for Assisted Intelligence in Dental Practices

This partnership between Envista and Pacific Dental Services will allow dental practices to use Assisted Intelligence image sorting and analysis for better outcomes.

Envista and dental support organization Pacific Dental Serivces® (PDS) announced a multi-year development partnership. This partnership is designed to focus on Assisted Intelligence (AI) in clinical image analysis in the dental industry. It will utilize Envista’s DTX Studio Clinic software platform in PDS-supported practices to harness AI-supported image sorting and analysis for clinicians.

Envista and PDS will use machine learning to develop further possibilities of AI. This is in the hope to diagnose, plan, and treat various dental pathologies. This machine learning is said to unlock new possibilities when paired with DTX Studio Clinic, according to Envista CEO Amir Aghdaei.

"PDS is a leader in leveraging diagnostic capabilities that can be developed and deployed to empower and support their clinicians and their patients. We have been particularly impressed with the agility of their internal innovation teams, including their own internal AI platform development activities,” Aghdai said in a press release from Envista. “PDS' work-to-date on machine learning and imaging makes them far more than a customer; we see them as a true partner. Envista is proud to align with such a forward-thinking enterprise to implement the future of clinical diagnostics in dentistry."

This partnership aims to support clinicians who wish to innovate the ecosystem of their practice with the power of AI.