January 13, 2009 | modernhygienist.comNews Environdent®  helps the dental industry recycle 10,000+ pounds of dental instruments in 2009!CHICAGO, IL –Hu-Friedy customers recycled enough dental instruments in

January 13, 2009 | modernhygienist.com

Environdent®  helps the dental industry recycle 10,000+ pounds of dental instruments in 2009!

CHICAGO, IL –Hu-Friedy customers recycled enough dental instruments in 2009 to equal the weight of two mid-size cars by participating in Hu-Friedy's Environdent® Instrument Recycling Program.  Environdent allows customers to receive value for used, broken and retipped instruments, while keeping practices “green” by reducing the amount of instruments sent to landfills as waste. Instead, instruments are sent to metal scrap recyclers which use them for non-medical applications.

Available for over 14 years, the Hu-Friedy Environdent Program is a convenient way for clinicians to provide the highest-quality care for their patients while caring for the health of the planet as well. The program includes EverEdge® scalers and curettes, which feature a revolutionary stainless steel alloy that stays sharp longer for less frequent sharpening and greater comfort throughout the day. All Diagnostic instruments are also featured, including Hu-Friedy probes and explorers which feature specially blended stainless steel alloys to provide the optimal balance and tactile sensitivity to ensure reliable clinical outcomes. Recently, Piezo Tips were added to the program, including Symmetry Piezo Tips which are made with a special blend of stainless steel that optimizes vibration for superior scaling efficiency and unmatched durability.

It’s Easy to Get Started

  • Purchase any 12 Hu-Friedy scalers, curettes, explorers, expros, probes, dressing pliers, mirrors or mirror handles
  • Recycle 12 scalers/curettes or diagnostic instruments of ANY brand
  • Receive your choice of 1 FREE EverEdge scaler/curette or diagnostic instrument (1 free for every 12 purchased & recycled)!
  • Now the Environdent Program also includes Symmetry® Piezo Tips, featuring a unique stainless steel blend that optimizes vibration for superior efficiency and unmatched durability.
  • Purchase at least 6 Symmetry S-Series or E-Series Piezo Tips
  • Recycle 6 used or broken Piezo Tips of ANY brand
  • Receive a FREE Hu-Friedy Piezo Tip!

Receive an Environdent magnet with every free instrument/tip earned! Collect 3 magnets and receive an additional free instrument or tip. The Hu-Friedy Environdent Recycling program is available in the U.S. and Canada. For more information and to order your free Environdent kit, contact Hu-Friedy at 1-800-HU-FRIEDY.

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