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Ensuring effective dental instrument processing


Rounding up some of the top instrument processing products on the market.

Dental instrument processing

Proper dental instrument processing is an essential function of every dental office. Instrument processing is a multi-pronged approach. According to the CDC, instruments must be cleaned and decontaminated, prepared and packaged, sterilized and then stored.

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Fortunately, companies are creating products that clean and sterilize instruments  quicker and more effectively than ever before. Cassettes made from heavy-gauge stainless steel also enhance the process and ensure that products last for years to come. From ultrasonic cleaners to autoclaves, the next few pages feature some of the top instrument processing products on the market.

Keep reading to see the products.


Z3 General Purpose Tablets

• Benco’s Z3 General Purpose Tablets, once dissolved, are said to be the most convenient and safest way to clean instruments in an ultrasonic machine.
• The patented technology gives clinicians a highly concentrated cleanser that’s safe and effortless to use.
• No mixing or measuring is required – simply add one tablet to one gallon of water and the solution is ready.

Benco Dental
800-GO-BENCO  |  benco.com

Purit™ Clean-it

• Purit Clean-it is a biodegradable, ultrasonic instrument cleaner.
• The solution is formulated with non-ionic surfactants to protect dental instruments.

800-822-8550  |  biotrol.com



Tri-Clean™ Ultrasonic Cleaners

• Tri-Clean™ Ultrasonic Cleaners are said to deliver the next generation of superior cleaning power.
• Working in conjunction with Tri-Clean’s Triple Enzymatic Cleaners, the ultrasonic cleaners are designed to prolong instrument life, produce cleaner instruments and improve infection prevention.
• Four recessed models and five tabletop models, ranging from four to 20 liters, are available, including a new 19-liter model with an 8-inch deep tank for additional cassette capacity.

844-874-2532  |  brandmax.us

BioSonic® UC300/UC300R Ultrasonic Cleaner

• The BioSonic UC300 features a 3-gallon tank capacity, unmatched flexibility with multiple basket and beaker arrangements, adjustable basket dividers for sorting instruments and racks to accommodate popular cassette systems.
• The unique design of the bezel and lid is engineered to reduce noise levels for quiet operation and also limits airborne contaminates, providing a safe work environment.

Coltene/Whaledent Inc.
800-221-3046  |  coltene.com


Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner

• The new Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner family and the Resurge Instrument Cleaning Solution combine to provide modern convenience with powerful and effective cleaning performance.
• A low-profile design allows for easy loading and unloading.
• The flexible loading option accommodates bundles, loose instruments or cassettes - or a combination of all of the above.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsply.com

Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System

• IMS saves time by pre-sorting and organizing instruments by procedure. Once configured, the instrument setup remains complete throughout instrument reprocessing, from cleaning to sterilization to storage.
• Instrument cassettes are placed directly in both ultrasonic washers and sterilizers, which is said to virtually eliminate the need to hand scrub while reducing the risk of potential sharps injuries.

800-HU-FRIEDY  |  hu-friedy.com


Quantrex Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

• The Quantrex line of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems is said to set the standard for precision cleaning, providing versatility, durability and exacting results.
• Designed for countertop use, the Quantrex series is quiet and self-contained, and it offers a variety of sizes for every cleaning application.
• A full line of accessories is available for all cleaning requirements.

L&R Manufacturing Company
201-991-5330  |  lrultrasonics.com

LM Dental Tracking System (DTS™)

• The LM Dental Tracking System™ tracks and monitors instruments and materials using RFID technology.
• Instruments, handpieces, filling materials and more from various manufacturers are wirelessly read in a few seconds.
• Automating traceability, logistics and infection control documentation is said to allow staff to work more efficiently and focus on the patient.

LM-Dental (USA)
855-745-ERGO   |  dentaltracking.com


Midmark instrument processing solutions

• Midmark offers cabinetry that helps clinicians follow CDC guidelines, moving the flow of instruments in a single direction from dirty to sterile.
• Midmark dental sterilizers are designed for reliability, performance and ease of use with simple, one-step loading and automatic drying.
• With Midmark QuickClean Ultrasonic units, dentists gain a safer, more efficient work environment.

Midmark Corporation
800-MIDMARK  |  midmark.com

Nordent Sterilization Cassettes

• The Sterilization Cassettes are manufactured from heavy-gauge stainless steel for maximum durability.
• Nordent combines an exclusive glass bead finishing process with advanced electro-polishing technology to produce a surface that’s said to provide maximum stain resistance.
• The corner relief holes are precision engineered to evacuate liquids quickly and allow for faster processing.

Nordent Manufacturing
800-966-7336  |  nordent.com


Fliptop™ Cassettes

• Fliptop™ Cassettes are designed to provide high-quality, convenient infection management, organization and ergonomics.
• Made from the highest quality passivated, surgical-grade stainless steel with unique Teflon double hinges, the cassette’s lid can flip up, over and under to act as its base, creating a much smaller footprint.
• The cassette’s flow-through design is said to make it ideal for sterilization.

Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT)
800-240-9895  |  pdtdental.com

Easyclean ultrasonic cleaning unit

• Easyclean is designed to provide easy, intensive and gentle ultrasonic cleaning using the latest state-of-the-art technology.
• The unit offers efficient cleaning capacity, due to optimal heat distribution with the aid of specially arranged heating elements.
• Additional features are said to include adjustable heating and a long service life.

Renfert USA
800-336-7422  |  renfert.com



• BRAVO™ is a class B fractionated vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to ensure a dry load every time) cycles for efficient operation.
• BRAVO™ 17V and 21V are said to be two of the fastest chamber autoclaves on the market, sterilizing and drying instruments in 35-40 minutes.
• The unit offers a variety of filling and draining options.

800-572-1211  |  scicanusa.com

SR238 Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner

• An 8-inch deep tank allows for sterile processing of four large instrument cassettes.
• The proprietary power-pulse signal is said to deliver best-in-class acoustic cavitation that does all the work; the formation, growth, oscillation and implosions of millions of microbubbles create violent shock waves and micro-jets of water that blast away debris.

843-554-0239  |  sonix4.com



EZ11Plus and EZ9Plus Autoclave

• Available in two sizes: an 11-inch chamber and 19.8 inches deep, with five extra-large trays for pouches and packs; and a 9-inch chamber and 19.8 inches deep, with three extra-large trays.
• A closed-door, HEPA-filtered, air-drying system is engineered to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches by ensuring that the door remains closed throughout the dry cycle.

Tuttnauer USA
631-737-4850  |  tuttnauerusa.com

B-Lok Tray and Locking Cover

• The B-Lok Tray and Locking Cover are designed to work together to give the user the most efficient method of infection control.
• After the instruments and items have been sterilized, putting them in a tray with a locking cover keeps them protected until they’re ready for the procedure.
• After a procedure, the contaminated instruments and items may be put back into the tray with a locking cover to help prevent cross-contamination.

Zirc Dental Products
800-328-3899  |  zirc.com

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