Enhancing visibility with the Orascoptic Spark

Why three dental professionals enjoyed using this lightweight, cordless headlight system.

The Orascoptic Spark™ is a lightweight, cordless headlight system. It employs a lithium-ion battery that is designed to run for three hours. When the battery pack charge becomes low, the battery indicator blinks periodically, leaving the dentist approximately 20 minutes of usage time.

Here, three dental professionals share their thoughts on the usability of the Spark

What Anne Hill, DDS, says about the Spark

I am very pleased with the Spark’s versatility. It can be easily integrated with any pair of loupes by simply tightening a screw to firmly attach it to the frame. It is cordless, so it eliminates the issues associated with the cord and battery pack. It is very lightweight and balanced, putting very little pressure on the nose. Another great benefit is the Spark’s constant current technology, maintaining brightness over the run-time of the battery pack. With a light tap anywhere on the front or side beveled area of the battery pack, the headlight turns on and off. It is easily disinfected using soap and water or CaviCide™.

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What Bruce Hamilton, MS, DDS, thinks about the Spark

The Spark provides a consistent, circular field of illumination for three hours. The light itself is mounted on two axes, affording an infinite number of angulations and positions. When the light position is chosen and the two screws are tightened down, the light will hold its position. The mechanism that clips to the loupes is stable and sturdy without being bulky. The kit comes with a battery charger. Spark is highly recommended.

What Beth Mobilian, RDH, BBA, MEd, says about the Spark

I am a practicing dental hygienist who uses loupes and a light. The ease of use with no cord was a much more comfortable experience than I had anticipated; I had no idea how bothersome the light cord could be until I tried the Spark. For short procedures and less difficult patients, I hardly noticed the extra weight from the battery.  Only when treatment extended past an hour without a break did I begin to notice the weight, but it was not uncomfortable. The tap-on feature is especially helpful, so there is no fumbling for the correct button. Maintenance is easy as the light can be quickly disinfected. Spark is an excellent addition to any hygienist’s armamentarium.

Overall, the dental professionals found the Spark to be a great addition to Orascoptic’s line of products.  It gives dentists and team members the opportunity to have more choices in surgical headlights and performs above expectations.