EMS Dental and Coastal Carolina Community College Partner to Educate on Biofilm Removal

This new partnership will instruct trainees on how to best utilize the AIRFLOW Master units to remove biofilm and better assist patients.

Manufacturer of the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol (GBT®) EMS Dental has recently installed 7 AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master units at Coastal Carolina Community College in North Carolina. EMS Dental has supplemented this installation with a “train the Trainers” support of the college’s hygiene school.

GBT includes assessment, disclosing, and patient-motivation elements which are said to be often left out in training because of limited time. GBT will allow these elements to be reintroduced to the operatory, according to a press release from EMS Dental.

Utilizing the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device, which includes fine AIRFLOW PLUS powder® through the AIRFLOW MAX handpiece®, trainees will be able to remove biofilm in the sulcus area and shallow pockets up to 4 mm, on the tongue, gingiva, and the palate. This is effective on natural teeth, restorations, and implants.

Being able to use less local anesthesia is said to provide more a more comfortable and relaxed experience during periodontal treatment. EMS Dental and Carolina Coastal Community College plan on training more faculty and hopefully expanding the deployment of AIRFLOW systems.