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Embracing the digital age


Most dental practices rely on technology, including practice management software. Here are some of the top options available. Gone are the days of paper forms and charts stuffed with documents and paperwork. In today’s digital world, dental practices are embracing all sorts of technology, including practice management software.

Gone are the days of paper forms and charts stuffed with documents and paperwork. In today’s digital world, dental practices are embracing all sorts of technology, including practice management software.

From cloud-based platforms to multi-site programs, practice management software gives dentists and their teams unparalleled access to patient information at the click of a button. This software can handle everything from maintaining digital files of patients’ X-rays to storing medical records to sending out appointment and billing reminders.

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Whether you’re searching for a brand-new system or looking to upgrade your current software, be sure to keep in mind key features that are important to your practice when researching various options. Here, we’ve compiled some of the newest and most user-friendly practice management software options available.

Click through the slides to view some of the top practice management software options.


ACE Dental Software

ACE Dental Software features built-in reputation management, E-Reminders, E-Recall, online patient forms and automatic backup. Traditional server software as well as a hybrid online version are available. The user interface is designed to be extremely easy to use, and built-in tutorials are included for training employees. The software is engineered to be suitable for any practice, as it contains multiple features that can be customized to meet specific needs. ACE Dental also reportedly has an excellent customer support team as well as updates and upgrades that are released every 30 days. 

“ACE stands out as the winner. The ease and maneuverability of this program is why it is fantastic. All the bells and whistles of the other programs, but the ability to go from page to page across the top is the standout reason it is a winner with me. Support is fantastic! This program’s ‘user friendliness’ is time saving to say the least! RDH since 1995, trust me, this is awesome software!” - Kathleen Traut, A Fluoride Connection Non Profit Corp.

ACE Dental
888-667-4272  |  ace-dental.com



CS PracticeWorks

Carestream Dental recently introduced line item accounting, the newest features of CS PracticeWorks practice management software. Users can now post portions of payments to specific staff based on procedure or service. The new screen’s ease of use is said to reduce confusion or payment complications in multi-doctor practices. Verifiable data is reportedly accessible through a reporting feature that helps justify business decisions, such as which procedures are the most lucrative and how well certain carriers pay. The new features is designed to give practice owners more control over their payroll.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com


Curve Dental

Curve Dental’s cloud-based software is designed to sport a super clean look and a refreshing amount of lifestyle flexibility. Teams can reportedly manage their practices using only a browser and internet connection. Curve Dental as a company has more than 12 years of cloud development experience, delivering a comprehensive solution, including native digital imaging features, impressive charting capabilities, powerful scheduling tools, super-tight billing controls, highly visual analytics and group practice capabilities. Additional features are said to include continuous, no-hassle upgrades and secure data backup.

“Several years ago, our team did an all-out search for better software. We chose Curve and it’s been one of the greatest acquisitions, investments and improvements our practice has ever made.” - Mark E. Hyman, DDS, MAGD

Curve Dental
888-910-4376  |  curvedental.com




Softech, Inc. announced that their easy-to-use self-check-in kiosk, Check-Me-In, is now available for most major practice management systems. The kiosk reportedly uses intuitive touchscreen technology to expedite the check-in process, thereby reducing congestion at the front desk. Patients are said to be monitored from arrival thru check-out for greater efficiency. The kiosk also includes a “selfie” photo feature that allows the practice to collect patient photos.

Softech, Inc.
800-233-4998  |  dentech.com



Denticon, a cloud-based practice management software from Planet DDS, is said to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of running dental practices. First to the cloud more than a decade ago, Denticon was built to handle multi-location groups, solo offices and mobile clinics. All data can be accessed via a web browser. The software comes equipped with a full range of integrated tools to optimize practices, including Dentiray cloud imaging, Dentigram advanced patient communications and the Dentilytics Enterprise custom report builder with graphical dashboards.

"As a fast-growing DSO, we needed an enterprise-level practice management system that was easily scalable and could keep up with our growth. We had no desire to manage a massive IT infrastructure and software engineering staff. We knew we had to look to the cloud, and Planet DDS’ Denticon practice management software was the only option that could meet our needs. Over the years, Planet DDS has become a strategic partner, not just a software vendor. Their flexibility and their responsiveness helped us grow quickly." - Virginia Wicke, COO, Northeast Dental Management, New Jersey

Planet DDS
800-861-5098  |  planetdds.com



From capturing new patient information with a tablet to electronically prescribing medication to texting appointment reminders, DentiMax is designed to mirror a practice’s actual workflow. The software is engineered to integrate with digital X-rays, allowing dentists to easily view X-rays and treatment plans from the same screen. A cloud kiosk allows patients to complete their “paperwork” online from home. Additional features include integrated credit card processing, free online training and an option for two days of in-office training, and technical support.

“User-friendly. Very easy to navigate. Charting screens are very easy to read and understand. Training was fabulous, A-plus team! Electronic sending is very simple to deliver images to NEA. The doctor has thoroughly enjoyed the digital imaging end. In terms of outstanding balances, it’s easy to read their ledger and cash-out statements. It’s really easy to make appointments, it shows their queue. I would say DentiMax is way easier to function than Dentrix, because I’ve done both. DentiMax has been great to work with!” - Carol Nielsen, Office Manager for Kimel Fisher, DMD, in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

800-704-8494  |  dentimax.com



Dentrix® is said to be the leader in dental practice management software, offering an entire ecosystem of business solutions, including practice adviser, training, daily huddle, eServices, profitability coaching and a strong community of users. The software is designed to build a paperless practice, improve productivity and increase profits. Dentrix reportedly provides award-winning clinical tools and full integration with Dentrix Connected applications and leading dental equipment like DEXIS.

"I can't say enough about what Dentrix has done for my practice. It has truly given me the freedom to do dentistry and has given my office manager the best tools available to manage my business. I would recommend Dentrix for every practice." -Dr. Stephanie L. Huddleston, Lexington, Kentucky

Henry Schein Practice Solutions
800-336-8749  |  dentrix.com


Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend moves practice management to the cloud, lifting IT burdens from dentists so they can focus on patient care. The software is designed to increase practice efficiency and eliminate time spent on backups, software updates and server issues. Dentists can access their practice data at any time, from any location and on any device. User roles can also be assigned by location and by user, enabling multisite practices to give each provider and team member the interface they need to be productive.

“We went from absolute nothing to the most efficient practice I’ve ever worked in because of Dentrix Ascend."-Kristina Large, office manager

Henry Schein Practice Solutions
855-232-9493  |  dentrixascend.com



From patient scheduling and insurance claim tracking to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Eaglesoft is engineered to be a server-based solution for the entire dental practice. An intuitive design is said to maximize efficiency and productivity. Patterson reportedly offers industry-leading support and service and is a trusted source for technology planning, installation and ongoing support.

Patterson Dental
800-873-7683  |  pattersondental.com





MacPractice DDS 7

MacPractice DDS Generation 7 is the culmination of more than 30 years of dental software expertise. MacPractice DDS is reportedly ranked by users with the best customer experience among the top 10 developers. The developers of the very first integrated dental charting and imaging software are said to now deliver next-generation charting and a full boat of macOS-native, MacPractice-compatible digital imaging solutions. MacPractice Patient Check, Clipboard and iEHR Apps for iPad are engineered to interoperate with MacPractice DDS.

877-220-8418  |  macpractice.com





MOGO has dedicated more than 30 years to providing dentists and specialists with the most advanced dental practice management software. Powered by the Microsoft Cloud, an appointment book, clinical charting, eReminders, imaging, paperless practice, business reports and a Word processor are all included in the software. A specialized Multiple Office Software is available for large organizations. MOGO software is said to offer customizable suites to power specialty offices with the most advanced features.  

“The ADA rated MOGO several years ago. We have grown from five to 32 workstations, have been chartless for over 15 years. There are so many features in the program. We are always trying to integrate more features, which save us time, automatically record data and therefore increase our profitability. eReminders, credit card processing, in-office messaging with the follow me feature, a to-do list and data input are very practical. Recall is amazing, whether it is for hygiene, implant, denture recalls, whatever you choose. Now with the cloud, IT costs are lower, updates are automatic and MOGO is continuously monitoring our system to make sure MOGO is running like the workhorse it is.” - Dr. Michael Spencer, president, Riverside Dental

800-944-6646  |  mogo.com


Open Dental

Open Dental is a comprehensive dental practice management software that is said to be powerful, flexible and affordable. The software is designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It is scalable to fit any practice size, and it reportedly maximizes interoperability with built-in bridges to third-party software. The software’s flexibility is said to allow practices within multi-group environments to customize it to meet their unique needs. Free online training resources and affordable, customized training is available.

“It is my assertion that if every dentist downloaded the trial version (of Open Dental) and got a test data conversion (both FREE) and actually TRIED it, the other PMS companies would ALL go out of business. It is that good. It is that much of a BETTER VALUE. It blows the others away.” - Michael Barr, DDS

Open Dental Software
503-363-5432  |  opendental.com



RecordLinc is a cloud-based dental collaboration software solution that is designed to streamline communications, stay compliant and increase referrals. The system is engineered to handle a large number of locations and multiple practice management system integrations, and it can be customized for the specific needs of dental practices. RecordLinc features seamless integration with Dentrix and most other practice management software. Additional features are said to include electronic referrals, file sharing of any size, HIPAA-compliant messaging, online scheduling and patent forms, and case management.

“I’ve been practicing in New York for 30 years and have been using RecordLinc for the past year. We love it. It keeps me on track and in sync with my referring doctors. They like the fact that I’m keeping them up to date on a daily basis. The cases no longer get lost. It’s a win-win situation.” - Dr. Alan Farber, DDS, Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants

415-749-1444  |  recordlinc.com



The XLDent practice management system is said to take advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide practices with the most intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program available. XLDent is engineered to feature realistic tooth charts, restorative and periodontal exams, and progress notes. The software reportedly incorporates solutions to fully automate practices and allow them to be truly paperless, offering paperless forms, a patient web portal, automated appointment reminders and more. XLDent is suitable for any dental specialty and is multi-location capable.

“The system is working great. We love the XLDent software and the support is phenomenal. I am amazed how they can quickly figure out not only what we are asking for but how to resolve it. Very prompt, courteous and professional!” - Andrew Welkie, DMD

800-328-2925  |  xldent.com

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