Edel+White Debuts Ultrasoft Flosserbrush

A new toothbrush that is soft and flexible while still keeping teeth and gums clean.

Flosserbrush is a new toothbrush from Edel+White with added flexibility and tapered Konex HD® bristles. These combine to create what a press release from Edel+White calls a “reimagining of a manual toothbrush.”

The shape of these Konex HD bristles ensures that they are more adaptable to the surfaces of the teeth, according to a press release from the company. With its softer bristles, the Flosserbrush can be more comfortable for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Its thin bristles can access areas that thicker bristles couldn’t, such as the places between teeth and the gum margin. This is what is what earned Flosserbrush its name.

With a more flexible handle, Flosserbrush can assist those with limited dexterity when brushing their teeth, as well as provide a more adaptable brushing experience for everyone.

For more info, visit Edel+White’s website here.