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Easy-to-use VOCO materials allow for natural-looking esthetics


The team at Mint Hill Dentistry is committed to providing patients with the most beautiful restorations and the best care possible. That’s why they’ve used VOCO products in their practice for more than 12 years.

The team at Mint Hill Dentistry is committed to providing patients with the most beautiful restorations and the best care possible. That’s why they’ve used VOCO products in their practice for more than 12 years. 

The list of VOCO products that can be found in their Mint Hill, North Carolina practice is extensive, and includes Amaris, GrandioSO, Quick Up, Futurabond U and Rebilda.

Owner Dr. Earle Sullivan reports great results from using Futurabond U. Futurabond U is an all-purpose bonding agent that can be used for almost any type of restoration,” he said. “The bonding agent is packaged in individual single-use packets, which ensures ‘fresh chemistry’ every time. Over the years we’ve noticed that we virtually never have post-operative sensitivity after composite restorations, which we attribute to Futurabond U.”

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Dr. David Sullivan, Earle’s son, believes turning to trusted products helps ensure the practice’s quality of care. “VOCO makes high-quality products that are backed by extensive research,” he said. “The main benefit to our practice is knowing we are using some of the best materials available from a top notch company that cares about quality and research.”

Here’s a look at why Drs. David Sullivan, Earle Sullivan, John Burd, Taso Roupas and dental assistants Carly Grinolds and Nhia Vang trust VOCO, and how these products have benefited their patients and their practice. 

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What the doctors say about VOCO products: 

Dr. Taso Roupas on Amaris, a highly esthetic light-curing composite: “Amaris is an excellent esthetic composite system when working on anterior teeth. It allows the restoration to naturally blend in with the shade of the patient’s own enamel and dentin.”

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Dr. Earle Sullivan on VOCO’s Universal nano-hybrid restorative: “GrandioSO is an excellent composite for all indications.” 

VOCO’s Quick Up tissue colored implant pick-up system features a new Quick Up method. It is indicated for a variety of uses, including as a self-cured composite luting material for attachments, such as ball, Locator® and telescopic anchors in full and partial dentures.

Dr. David Sullivan likes how fast and easy the product works in the practice. “Quick Up is an excellent way to cure precision attachments or implant attachments into dentures. It is much easier and faster to use than traditional acrylic.”

More from VOCO: How to directly fabricate provisionals with Amaris Gingiva from VOCO America

Rebilda DC is a dual-cured core build-up composite in an automix delivery system and is yet another VOCO product used regularly at Mint Hill Dentistry. Dr. John Burd has great success with the product. “Rebilda is an excellent core buildup agent. We never have core buildups debond,” Dr. Burd said.


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Benefits are many

“The patients are always pleased with the esthetics. It’s very common after doing a filling on a patient’s front tooth for that patient to say, ‘Wow, it looks just like it did before!’” Dr. Roupas said. “VOCO composites allow for natural looking esthetic restorations, which is something our patients notice and appreciate. Our team members also love working with these VOCO products. They’re all easy to use. The packaging is well designed and allows for easy and efficient manipulation of materials for both the assistant and the doctor.

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“We would all encourage other dentists to use these products from VOCO because of their quality, ease of use and esthetic results. They’re also well researched, which is important to us.”

Dr. Earle Sullivan added, “These materials are straight forward to use and easy to handle. Not only that, the company has been excellent to work with over the years.”

Dental assistant Carly Grinolds on using Futurabond U: “FuturaBond is easy to use because you simply squeeze the packaging to mix it and it’s ready to go. I like that it’s single use and disposable. This is much easier to use than getting multiple bottles and mixing drops in a dish!”

What dental assistant Nhia Vang says about QuickUp: “I really like the Quick Up material compared to traditional acrylic for picking up locator and ERA attachments. It’s easier to clean up and faster to use. I also like the bonding agent we use… it has everything all in one

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