DryShield launches 3 new innovations

The DS Lite, X-Pedo Mouthpiece and Whisper Hose are all now available for sale.

DryShield, the only all-in-one autoclavable isolation system for dentistry, announced three new innovations inspired by customer feedback.

“We work hard to stay close to our community of doctors, hygienists and assistants," says DryShield CEO Thien Nguyen. "These three new products were the direct result of hearing the voice of our customers. That’s how we drive innovation here at DryShield. We are excited to help our customers grow their practices and advance the state of the art in dental isolation while enhancing the patient experience.”

The DS Lite offers the primary component of the DryShield System (i.e., the DS1) without accessories. For doctors looking for an easy way to implement modern isolation into their practices, the DS Lite provides a quick, no-frills solution. For current DryShield dentists looking to outfit additional operatories with the DryShield system at a lower price point, this offering hits the mark and makes converting entire offices to DryShield a breeze.

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DryShield also announced the new X-Pedo mouthpiece size, an extra-small pedo mouthpiece ideal for patients 4 years of age or younger. Founder and working pediatric dentist Dr. Lan Nguyen says, “X-Pedo was designed for our tiniest patients. Occasionally, I would run into a patient around 3-4 years old that accepted the pedo mouthpiece size but realized a smaller size would make it even easier for them and myself. We were getting the same feedback from our community of pediatric dentists - the X-Pedo just made sense.”

The new X-Pedo joins a lineup of five mouthpiece sizes (in total) that also includes Pedo, Small, Medium and Large. Like the other DryShield mouthpieces, the X-Pedo is soft, comfortable and incorporates an interchangeable bite block. Dr. Nguyen explains, “One size does not fit all when it comes to mouths. We designed the mouthpieces with unique interchangeable bite blocks (now in five sizes) so that dentists can customize DryShield for a comfortable perfect fit, no matter the mouth size.”

Finally, DryShield also introduced the Whisper Hose, which is available as an optional add-on to the DryShield system. Dr. Nguyen shared the reason why he designed the Whisper Hose: “While our doctors love how DryShield easily installs into their current high-vacuum evacuator hose, on occasion we would hear that they wished their high suction line was lighter, more flexible and quieter while maintaining great suction power. We heard the feedback, went to the drawing board and created the Whisper Hose.”

The DS Lite, X-Pedo Mouthpiece and Whisper Hose are all now available for sale. For more information, visit dryshield.com.